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Predicted to generate revenue of almost $57.8 billion in 2030, the GreenTech market is creeping into more and more investors agendas. A new climate-focus from governments and a rise of sustainable-conscious consumers is accelerating the value and growth of the industry. With global plans to transition to a green economy, the sector is set to create 24 million jobs by 2030 (International Labour Organization).

Business leaders have learnt a lot in the last 18 months; adapting to change is important, building resilience is key, and driving value amongst your workforce is fundamental. The pandemic has also changed the attitudes of employees, who want more from their employers regarding benefits, transparency, and flexible working arrangements.

But how do you gain a clear competitive advantage? Here are 4 tips to help you win the very best talent to empower your GreenTech startup.

  1. Employer Branding

Having a strong employer brand is critical in the pursuit of attracting and retaining talent.

Researching the company is the first protocol when applying for jobs, making your employer branding responsible for making a great first impression. Acting as an invitation to discover more about your GreenTech company, it is ‘make or break’ to see whether values and culture align. Equally, the candidate experience can also impact your employer branding. If the process for the candidate has not lived up to expectations, candidates won’t be shy in sharing their experience on social media and platforms such as Glassdoor.

As we adapt to a global pandemic, it is important to showcase how your GreenTech company has put in place sustainable measures and responded to the pandemic; how did you communicate changes to working patterns, did you go above and beyond to supply employees with everything they needed to perform their roles remote, what safety measures did you put in place around the office?

Investing in your employer brand is crucial as it is something that will have an impact long after the economy has adapted to Covid-19.


  1. Flexibility

Amongst the obvious, such as increased productivity and cost savings, the greatest benefit flexibility provides is widening the recruitment funnel. An emerging form of remote work allows employees to work-from-anywhere (WFA), giving employees the choice to live in their desired location.

Not only does this change the pace of competition, but it has opened the doors to recruit diverse talent. Remote work helps close the gender gap, as well as removes commuting barriers, allowing disabled or chronically ill candidates to re-enter the workforce.

For those in the minority, fitting into the office culture can often mean compromising parts of their identity. The home is seen as a place of safety and comfort, therefore working remotely eases talking to new co-workers.

  1. Technology plays a part in welcoming new talent

Undeniably, safety is now a top priority for everyone. People will be anxious about starting a new job in a new office, and it is your responsibility to make the onboarding process as secure as possible.

Many are reimagining the role of the office, and technology will play a key part in supporting new talent. Examples such as staggered shifts, re-designing offices, thermal cameras, health tracking, and relying on desk-booking appointments and contactless technology within your building will ensure safety is a top priority.

The post-Covid-19 workforce has new precedence in their job search; the safety of the office and the ability to put health and wellbeing at the forefront of your GreenTech business, all of which relies on technology to perform effectively.

  1. Think outside the box when choosing your work perks!

Now is a good idea to review your benefits to ensure they align with the post-covid-19 workforce. We are seeing a shift from benefits focused around employee experience to benefits that provide security and stability. Here are some of the new benefits we are seeing:

  1. The pandemic has brought health to the forefront of people’s minds. Providing a comprehensive health and life insurance plan offers employees fast access to medical care and treatments.
  2. Offering an outplacement scheme is a powerful way to establish a sense of security. With many people being furloughed or made redundant in the last year, this is a great way to highlight your long-term commitment to suppress any uncertainty or fears.
  3. With remote working predicted to be a permanent change, many parents have the added burden of supervising their children. Providing employer-funded childcare allows both parents to do their jobs without interruptions from their children.


By focusing on your employer brand, creating an attractive package for your employees, and using tech to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible, you will be able to attract and retain the best talent in the market.

The growth of the GreenTech market alongside an expanding talent pool has made winning talent particularly competitive. But finding the right professionals doesn’t need to be difficult. We ease this burden by tapping into our extensive network of highly skilled talent to help scale your GreenTech business. If you are looking to scale your team, get in touch.

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