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Specialist Or Generalist Recruitment?

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One of the common questions asked by startups when building their team are ‘Should I use a generalist or specialist recruiter when hiring for my GreenTech?’. It is a common assumption that all recruiters are the same, they get the job done by putting people into specific roles of a company. In contrary, there are definite differences between both type of recruiters.

A GreenTech recruiter is defined by its ability to offer a talent pool of skilled GreenTech professionals for clients/companies who are specific within the GreenTech sector. As compared to generalist recruiters, they recruit across a multitude of industries and roles. Some straightforward differences between a GreenTech recruiter and a generalist recruiter would be market knowledge and talent pool availability.

Market Knowledge

Do you know what is the right candidate for your start-up?

GreenTech recruiters would be experienced and well-equipped with the industry knowledge and market trends. This allow them to be able to identify transferrable skills and experience that will be an ideal fit for your GreenTech. They are more agile as they go beyond your job description but instead, looks at what kind of candidate your start-up needs as it progresses in the future, rather than just focusing your short-term hiring needs.

Storm4 specialist recruiters can easily identify prospects and have a stronger sense of what your potential candidate wants in order to easily ‘pitch’ your startup to them. This significantly reduces the time required for hiring managers to assess a candidate’s suitability and potential.

Talent Pool Availability

Quantity or quality?

As generalist recruiters hire across multiple industries, they would naturally have a larger pool of candidates. However, as a GreenTech startup, your ideal candidate would most likely be expected to have a niche skillset. You wouldn’t want to be fishing through hundreds of unsuitable candidates with irrelevant industry experiences or skills, which can be frustrating and time-consuming for HR managers.

A compelling reason to use a GreenTech recruiter is that they are specialist in their area of expertise. For example, Storm4 only ensures that candidates with relevant skills and experience for GreenTech would be within the talent pool. In addition, our specialist recruiters are experienced and well-networked as the deal with similar roles across GreenTechs. It provides them with the strong knowledge and understanding of GreenTech start-up recruitment. They would also be one of the best people to know where your ideal candidate would be lurking at and how to approach them.

Why GreenTech Specialist Recruitment?

In the infographic below, it sums up some of the key deciding factors on why you should go with specialist recruitment.

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How Storm4 Can Help

We know how tedious and time-exhaustive recruitment can be for GreenTech start-ups. To find the perfect candidate for your start-up, you should ensure that the time and money are put to the best use. It is critical to select the right recruitment agency from the beginning to eliminate any wasted time or effort that can be better spent on building your GreenTech.

With our niche recruitment specialization, Storm4 take pride in providing only the best GreenTech talent for start-ups. Equipped with a strong network of GreenTech professionals and a team of experienced specialist recruiters, we can make recruitment straightforward and easy when building your dream team. 

We’ve helped some of the most successful GreenTech startups grow.

— now it’s your turn.