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Connecting Energy Storage software startups with mid-level, senior and executive professionals, from battery and electric grid to long-duration energy storage pioneers. If you are looking to spearhead your startup with senior, climate-driven talent, get in touch with one of our Energy Storage Recruiters today.

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Digitization And Innovation Has Supercharged The Global Energy Storage Sector

The world has witnessed a rapid scale-up of energy storage technology and software as flexibility demands, rapidly falling prices and advances in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and predictive analytics spur ahead the evolving, decarbonised electricity system. Nations active in renewable development and grid modernisation are the key drivers in developing energy storage markets and supporting the ongoing development.

We understand the need to build energy storage teams with talent who champion a sustainable future, navigate the energy shift and solve the challenges within the energy networks.

Forging A Sustainable Future With Expert Talent

Delivering energy storage recruiting solutions at scale, Storm4 is dedicated to exceeding your recruitment needs with a comprehensive and diligent service. Understanding your needs and priorities, we relieve the pressure by connecting you with best-in-class professionals across mid-level, senior and executive positions.

Each of our Energy Storage Recruitment Consultants has uniquely built a network of diverse professionals across the verticals of Product Management, Data, Analytics, Engineering, DevOps, Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing. This means our database is unparalleled compared to others on the market, guaranteeing candidates who fit your brief culturally and competently.

Whether you are looking to hire an Energy Storage expert or an entire team, Storm4 are skillfully placed to deliver. Our database of Energy Storage veterans are the drivers of change to support the advancing energy system.



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How does Storm4 find Energy Storage experts ?

Starting with discussions with our Commercial Lead, you will choose one of our three recruitment plans that best aligns with your needs. Our consultants will then get to work sourcing candidates from our database filled with the richest talent you will not find on the surface of the market. Once an offer has been made, we manage the process and support you with after offer care to ensure the smoothest onboarding process for both parties.

What makes Storm4 the best at recruiting specialists to work in Energy Storage companies ?

Our mission is to deliver a highly specialist approach to the recruitment needs and priorities of Energy Storage companies and fill senior positions with a speed- and cost-efficient model. We take a micro-niche approach to recruitment, with each of our expert consultants solely operating in one of the key verticals needed to scale your Energy Storage startup; Engineering, DevOps, Data, Analytics, Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing and Product Management.

What other companies rely on Storm4 to find Energy Storage candidates ?

We attract the Energy Storage startups at the cusp of innovation, ready to disrupt the key GreenTech markets; the US, Canada, Europe and APAC. These companies typically are Series A+ funded and are seeking to find talent to fill senior to leadership roles.