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The go-to recruitment solutions specialist for Smart Technology startups, including Smart Homes, Smart Metering, Smart Water, Smart Energy and Smart Grid. For assistance scaling your Smart startup, chat with one of our expert consultants today.

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Helping The World Stay Connected Sustainably

Smart technology is powering an energy revolution to meet the rising demands from homes and businesses around the world. Focusing on electricity, heating, cooling, industrial, buildings and transportation, Smart Energy Systems work towards identifying achievable and affordable solutions to accelerate the transformation of future renewable and sustainable energy solutions.

As the world becomes more smart, connected and efficient, we understand the necessity of building best-in-class teams. Whether it’s developing an attractive smart home hub for a community’s home energy needs or designing a robust smart thermostat to increase energy efficiency, we have it covered.

Closing The Talent Gap For Smart Tech Companies

Believing that no one-size-fits-all applies to sourcing top talent, our award-winning comprehensive service span across Standard, Exclusive and Partnership models, chosen by you, to ensure your hiring needs and business objectives are met.

Our consultants operate in specific sectors, including Product Management, Data, Analytics, Engineering, DevOps, Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing. This means that they are experts in their fields and can truly speak the language of both our clients and candidates by staying close to their markets.

Whether you are looking to hire a Smart Technology expert or an entire team, Storm4 promise to meet your needs. Our database of Smart connoisseurs carry the skillsets needed to ensure a future that is connected and efficient.



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What is the process that Storm4 uses to find experts in Smart Technology ?

Our consultants get to work understanding your brief and the type of candidate/s you require, after you have chosen one of our three recruitment plans with our Commercial Lead. After scouring our extensive database of professionals, who all have a proven track record of success in their fields, we present a shortlist to you. Once those who have picked your interest complete your interview process and an offer is out, we support you with after offer care to ensure the smoothest onboarding process for both parties.

What makes Storm4 the best at smart technology recruitment ?

Our highly specialist consultants operate in the same verticals as the Smart Technology clients we work with. Due to their incredibly niche roles, and as a global business, speaking to hundreds of C-suite clients and candidates every day, every one of our consultants are experts in their areas.

What other companies rely on Storm4 to find smart technology specialists ?

We partner with Smart Technology startups that are looking to fulfil their growth plans after receiving institutional funding. These startups trust us to connect them with mid, senior and executive-level talent to disrupt the key regions of GreenTech; the US, Canada, Europe and APAC.