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Recruitment specialists for AgTech startups, ranging from crop efficiency technology, rerouting value chains, food technology and vertical farming. Get in touch with one of our specialist consultants today for support in meeting your growth plans.

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The Reinvention Of Farming

Agriculture Technology, or more commonly AgTech, develops technologies across agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture, with the goal of improving yield, efficiency, waste and profitability for farm managers and growers. From drones, robots and automated irrigation, to temperature and moisture sensors, light and heat control and GPS technology, a traditionally undigitized industry has evolved to be powered by advanced devices, precision agriculture and robotic systems.

With a boot in both fields, our team knows a full-stack from a hay-stack. Being one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors, we understand the demand for talent in AgriTech has never been so strong and important. We are proud to be a valuable resource in the provision of senior talent to build a solid and diverse AgTech sector.

The AgriTech Experts With An Award-Winning Service

Storm4 promise to deliver industry-leading service to meet your hiring milestones. We get to know your business needs and priorities, and work together to choose one of our three resourcing solutions that best fit your requirements; Standard, Exclusive and Partnership.

Our hyper-niche consultants engage with senior talent with skillsets across Product Management, Data & Analytics, Engineering, DevOps, Finance, Operations and Sales & Marketing. This means not only are they experts in these specific verticals, but have the richest network of professionals who don’t just fill your roles, but excel in them.

Whether you are looking to hire an AgTech expert or an entire team, Storm4 are best placed to help. Our database of AgTech professionals hold a wealth of experience with a genuine desire to feed the world’s growing population sustainably.



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How does Storm4 find specialists in AgriTech ?

After choosing a recruitment plan with our Commercial Lead that fits your priorities, our consultants begin to seek out the very best talent from their extensive database of AgTech specialists. A shortlist will be sent to you, whereby you decide who you want to take forward to interview. Once interviews have occurred and an offer has been accepted, we will manage the offer process and support you with after offer care to ensure the smoothest onboarding process for both parties.

What makes Storm4 experts in the field of AgTech recruitment ?

Our business model uniquely mirrors an AgriTech business, with each of our consultants solely operating in one of the key verticals needed to scale an AgTech; Engineering and DevOps, Data and Analytics, Sales & Marketing, Finance & Operations and Product Management. Being experts in their specific field means our consultants can truly speak the language of both our clients and candidates by staying close to their markets.

What companies rely on Storm4 for AgriTech recruitment ?

We partner with AgTech companies across the US, Canada, Europe and APAC, who aim to feed the world sustainably through trail-blazing software technology. If you have recently received Series A+ funding and looking to scale your startup with mid-level to executive professionals, we have you covered!