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Pioneers in connecting ESG innovators with impactful professionals to help push forward sustainable investments and corporate agendas. If you are looking to accelerate your growth plans and propel your Environmental, Social, and Governance business with the right team behind you, get in touch to speak with one of our specialist ESG recruiters today.

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Sustainable Investing Is No Longer Being Ignored

ESG is having its moment as the coming of an ethical era becomes more visible in boardrooms and throughout governments. An ethically-centered approach to consumers, personnel and society at large is increasingly regarded as an indicator that a company is a good long-term investment. An increasing number of managed funds that specifically invest using environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria reflect the rising demand for services and insights into sustainable investment.

With climate management and carbon accounting becoming integral to understanding a company’s strategy, we understand the urgency in building the software to accompany this shift. With the right minds to spearhead operations and bring ESG to more corporations around the globe, the race to net zero will be in sight.

The Answer To Your Scaling Needs

Delivering ESG recruitment solutions across Europe, the United States and APAC, Storm4 offer an unparalleled service. Whether you are looking to build your ESG executive team from the ground up or searching for specialist talent with niche skillsets to drive your growth, we get to know every intricate detail to deliver a service that exceeds expectations.

Unlike most other recruitment agencies, we partner with GreenTechs and GreenTechs only, with ESG being one of our key sector specialities. As such, our ESG recruiters are equipped to tap into their pool of diverse professionals across Product Management, Data, Analytics, Engineering, Finance, Operations, DevOps, Sales and Marketing and connect you with senior and executive ESG candidates who tick every box and more off your list.

Whether you are looking for a one-off placement or a partnership to build out an entire team, our ESG recruiters are expertly placed to find your match. Our network of ESG professionals are driving the race to net zero forward to accelerate the world’s decarbonization efforts.



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Who is using Storm4’s recruiters to find ESG executives?

As sustainable investing becomes the topic of discussion among boardrooms and C-Suites, many ESG innovators have partnered with us to excel in their growth plans to meet this spike in demand. These organizations are typically start-ups with funding ranging from Series A through to Post IPO, looking for support with building out their teams with mid to executive-level talent across the United States, Europe and APAC.

What makes Storm4 stand out from other recruiters in the market?

Unlike most other recruitment agencies, we solely work with GreenTech startups. Being a start-up ourselves, not only does this allow our consultants to enrich their network with mission-led professionals wanting to make real change, but it also means we can communicate on a level playing field with our clients due to experiencing similar challenges and opportunities that stem from new investment.

How does Storm4 ensure they have the best ESG candidates on offer?

We take a unique approach to recruitment. Every consultant has built a rich network of headhunted talent within their vertical and regional market, meaning the calibre of candidates we offer cannot be found on the surface of the market and therefore present additional skills and capabilities for your role. These are the professionals who will implement change and direction within your business to accelerate growth and market dominance.