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The leading EV recruitment partner for mid-level, senior and executive positions in e-Mobility, building sustainable teams across EV battery, EV manufacturers and chargers and EV air startups. For advice and support in accelerating your recruitment projects, get in touch with one of our Electric Vehicle specialist consultants today.

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At The Brink Of An EV Boom

With internal combustion-engine vehicles beginning to follow the same trajectory as the horse and cart, the adoption of light-duty passenger electric vehicles (EVs) is redefining the market. As world leaders begin to realize decarbonizing transport is essential to meet climate goals and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, promising developments across the EU and the United States are already underway to phase out traditional vehicles entirely.

We recognise that you need competent and talented people in addition to a solid company idea, finance, the correct technology, and partners in place to truly make it a success. Our team of specialised EV recruiters has a thorough and technical grasp of the sector to uncover niche skills needed in the rapidly-growing EV industry.

Accelerating The Shift To Electric Mobility

Storm4 are committed to executing a premier EV recruiting service. Our team are dedicated to learning their evolving technology sector, understanding your mission and expertly interviewing talent to meet hiring niches.

Working in the key verticals needed to get EV startups off the ground, our consultants are experts in hiring senior talent across Product Management, Data, Analytics, Engineering, DevOps, Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing.

Whether you are looking to hire an Electric Vehicle expert or an entire team, Storm4 is best placed to deliver. Our database of Electric Vehicle specialists are the leading industry experts to accelerate the EV revolution



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How does Storm4 find Electric Vehicle specialists for relevant roles ?

After choosing a recruitment plan that aligns with your requirements, we begin understanding your brief and the individual or team you want to source. We get to work speaking with our network of highly specialist talent, presenting you with a shortlist within 48 hours! Once interviews have taken place and an offer has been accepted, we manage the process and support with after offer care to ensure the smoothest onboarding process for both parties.

Why does Storm4 see themselves as experts in EV recruitment ?

What makes us stand out from the crowd and truly live up to our expert title is our unique understanding of our EV clients, having achieved over $11m in investment since launch, and scaling quickly across Europe, APAC and North America. This allows us to relate to the challenges and opportunities funding brings, and help support headcount growth and keep investors happy.

What other companies are currently relying on Storm4 in the EV market ?

As the EV revolution takes the world by storm, we have attracted many EV startups who are looking to partner to support ambitious hiring plans. We have filled mid to executive level roles across the US, Canada, Europe and APAC with our award-winning recruitment service. If you have just received Series A+ funding and need help to meet your growth trajectory goals, we have you covered!