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Storm4 launches specialist brand in Future Mobility

By August 8, 2023November 8th, 2023No Comments5 min read

Future Mobility by Storm4: Where talent meets innovation in the pursuit of sustainable transportation.

London, 8th of August 2023 – Last week marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future as Storm4, leaders in global GreenTech recruitment, proudly announce the launch of Future Mobility by Storm4a specialist sub-brand focused on the sustainable transportation industry. Led by Rebecca Saggar and with an unwavering commitment to shaping the way we move and live, Future Mobility by Storm4 is not just about recruitment; it is about catalyzing the conversation around future mobility and accelerating the transition to a cleaner and electric tomorrow.

Embracing the power of electric mobility

The world is at the precipice of a transformational journey, and electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as the vanguards of this green revolution. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA)electric vehicle sales have soared, surpassing the 10 million mark in 2022, and are predicted to rise 35% more this year. The rise of EVs is a clear testament to our collective determination to reduce carbon footprints and build a more sustainable planet.

However, the Future Mobility landscape is far more expansive than EVs alone. It spans the realms of Autonomous Vehicles, EV Charging, Micro Mobility, and an interconnected web of technologies that will revolutionize transportation in ways we have yet to see. The electrification of road transport extends beyond cars, with two and three-wheelers leading the way, particularly in emerging markets and developing economies, where they outnumber cars, and their popularity is growing due to government incentives and lower lifecycle costs, offering an affordable and sustainable mobility solution.

Storm4’s decision to launch the Future Mobility brand was inspired by the growth potential in this emerging sector. Currently, 35% of Storm4’s business comes from the future mobility industry, which showcases the tremendous opportunity and demand within this market. Storm4’s subsectors include EVs, Autonomous Vehicles, EV Charging, and Micromobility.  

“We saw the opportunity and the demand to open the Future Mobility brand,” says Rebecca Saggar, associate director of Future Mobility by Storm4. “With incredible growth projections, we are certain we are only at the beginning stages. We have big plans for the brand, and will continue to grow as the industry does, and have already onboarded more specialist consultants.”

a woman and two men are cut out on top of a pink and green gradient background, FM by dtorm4 logo in in the top left corner

Rebecca Saggar, Associate Director, and the Future Mobility team


Talent powered EVolution

In the fast-paced world of Future Mobility, the competition for high-tech talent has escalated to new heights, leaving employers in search of top recruits facing a challenging landscape. With a shift in applicant preferences, candidates now carefully evaluate potential employers before making their move. According to McKinsey’s research, the demand for tech talent is projected to surge, with the US tech workforce growing twice as fast as the overall workforce over the next decade. The mobility sector, too, experiences this talent crunch, with approximately 70 percent of automotive leaders venturing into new businesses, requiring new skill sets like software engineering and product management. In this seller’s market for talent, companies must step up their game in attracting potential recruits, focusing on offering an effective employee value proposition.

Storm4 understands the gravity of this talent challenge and is committed to bridging the gap by matching exceptional individuals with cutting-edge opportunities in Future Mobility. Storm4’s approach to recruitment goes beyond traditional methods. We understand that the success of this green revolution hinges on the exceptional individuals who can envision, engineer, and execute groundbreaking innovations. Our specialist team of Future Mobility recruiters possesses an unparalleled understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this sector.

“Our vision is driven by more than just filling positions,” says Rebecca Saggar, Associate Director. “It is about shaping the dialogue around Future Mobility and connecting the right talent with the right organizations, enabling them to thrive and lead us toward a cleaner, electric future.”

The future is electric 

As the future mobility sector continues to evolve and innovate, Storm4 remains dedicated to expanding its services, capabilities, and expertise in tandem. The Future Mobility brand is not just a new chapter for Storm4, but a testament to the company’s commitment to creating a greener, smarter, and more connected world.


A woman stands between two tall men, all with their arms crossed. They are standing in front of a wall covered in colorful posters.

Future Mobility by Storm4 has already onboarded new specialist consultants, with plans to continue growing the brand in tandem with the industry.


About Future Mobility by Storm4

Future Mobility by Storm4 is a specialist sub-brand of Storm4, dedicated to GreenTech recruitment with a focus on Future Mobility. We strive to connect exceptional talent with visionary companies, accelerating the adoption of electric and sustainable technologies that will redefine the way we move and live.

About Storm4

Storm4 are the leaders in global GreenTech recruitment, connecting organisations with the talent to drive their mission for a more sustainable tomorrow. Storm4 launched in 2020 and focuses on the GreenTech sector, working with businesses that are at the cutting edge of renewable energy tech, and ‘clean’ innovation.


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