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What Is ESG?

Sustainability has emerged as one of the reigning priorities in the mind of the investor, one that is closely aligned with a belief that a company will be profitable for the long term. As such, many firms across the globe now report on sustainability efforts, or what is more commonplace, ESG. However, with no mandatory standard in place and a lack of consistency over the completeness and accuracy of ESG data quality, greenwashing claims have become rife

As such, we wanted to find the truth in the matter; is ESG for better or for worse? And who better to ask than some of the top ESG players in the market:

  • Kim Stroh, Co-Founder of Persefoni
  • Ryan Merrill, Co-Founder at Handprint
  • Raphael Güller, Co-Founder at Sweep
  • Danielle Harder, CEO at Scope5

Hosted by our Product Lead, Clare Southworth, this Green Room episode uncovered the intricacies of this $4 trillion market, deep diving into the E of ESG and highlighting how carbon management is accelerating a sustainable future.

Check out a glimpse of the eBook below:

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