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Salary Guide 2024

Using data from over 20,000 candidates in the Storm4 database we have put together a comprehensive picture of GreenTech salary and remuneration trends in Germany. This guide will provide key insight into each GreenTech niche, discussing the local job landscape across the region.

salary insights on:

  • DevOps & Engineering
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This guide includes a full-scale look at salaries across the GreenTech space. We use a mix of data we have collated from over 20,000 candidates and industry insights from our clients, to populate a report that will have your back, no matter your company size, location or seniority level!

GreenTech Hiring Trends in Germany

Germany, renowned for its commitment to sustainability and innovation, is rapidly becoming a global leader in GreenTech.

From robust growth in renewables and battery tech to increased efficiency in its smart grid and mobility landscapes, Germany is a country leading the way. And GreenTech, combining environmental consciousness with cutting-edge technology, is creating promising opportunities for job seekers and employers alike. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the current GreenTech hiring trends in Germany, providing valuable insights for those interested in this flourishing field.

Surging Demand for Skilled Workers in Renewable Energy

Germany’s renewable energy industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom, driving a significant demand for skilled workers. According to a report by Clean Energy Wire, the country anticipates a shortage of at least 300,000 workers by 2030. With the government’s ambitious plans to transition to a green economy, the demand for professionals in this sector is expected to continue to rise. But what are the implications for hiring and talent?

Attract experienced talent: Recruiters need to focus on attracting top talent with skills and experience in renewable energy. Creating a positive and appealing candidate experience can help attract strong candidates.

Invest in training: Companies may need to invest in training programs to equip their workforce with the necessary skills. Embracing the idea of transferable skills and placing focus on skill development in GreenTech and renewables is essential in overcoming skills gaps. There could be potential opportunities for international talent, given the predicted shortfall of skilled workers.

Opportunities for international talent: Given the predicted shortfall of skilled workers there could be potential opportunities for international talent. Advancements in remote working means that companies can widen their talent pool and benefit from the niche GreenTech skills of professionals worldwide.

Emergence of Green Jobs in Various Sectors

Green jobs aren’t confined to the renewable energy sector alone. According to the German government’s official website, a wide array of career opportunities exist in various sectors such as waste management, water conservation, and sustainable agriculture. But what are the implications for hiring and talent?

Broadening search criteria: Employers are increasingly broadening their search criteria to find the best GreenTech candidates. The ideal candidate might be someone who requires training or new skills, suggesting that employers need to be open to considering candidates from varied backgrounds.

Highlighting transferable skills: On the other side of this scenario, job seekers are encouraged to highlight their transferable skills and demonstrate a passion for sustainability, regardless of their field. Candidates could benefit from using specific keywords in their CV to align with the requirements of the role and to stand out from other applicants.

Promoting sustainability commitment: Companies are finding value in promoting their commitment to sustainability to attract environmentally conscious candidates. Showcasing a company’s sustainability initiatives can help diversify your talent pool and attract candidates who align with your company’s values.

Thriving Market for GreenTech Companies

Germany offers an especially conducive environment for GreenTech companies. Environmental technology and energy are considered two of the top four growth sectors in the country. This thriving market is expected to create new job opportunities. But what are the implications for hiring and talent?

Competing for top talent: GreenTech companies are finding they need to compete for top talent, pushing employers to offer increasingly attractive compensation and benefits. Companies must offer not only competitive salaries but benefits that make them stand out from the crowd.

Launching GreenTech start-ups: For job seekers with an entrepreneurial spirit, launching their own GreenTech start-ups could be a viable option. Several cutting-edge clean tech start-ups have demonstrated promising success, indicating a favourable environment for new ventures in this field.

Desirable backgrounds in business and technology: Professionals with a background in business and technology are particularly desirable in the growing GreenTech market. Skilled IT and engineering professionals are vital for the success of the GreenTech sector.

Increasing Need for IT Professionals in GreenTech

The fusion of technology with environmental sustainability has created a unique niche for IT professionals in the GreenTech sector. As digital solutions become increasingly critical to addressing environmental challenges, the demand for tech-savvy professionals in the GreenTech industry, such as DevOps and Engineering specialists, is expected to rise. But what are the implications for hiring and talent?

Upskilling in GreenTech: Given the rising demand for green skills, IT professionals should consider upskilling in areas relevant to GreenTech. As per Forbes, sustainability and remediation are among the most in-demand green skills. And tech workers who master these topics can significantly enhance their career prospects.

Collaboration with educational institutions: Companies might need to collaborate with educational institutions to ensure a steady supply of tech-trained graduates. Partnerships between businesses and educational institutions can help to recruit and prepare international green technicians for the energy transition.

Exciting career paths at the intersection of IT and GreenTech: The intersection of IT and GreenTech could offer exciting career paths for tech enthusiasts passionate about sustainability. Insights suggest that green skills are increasingly in demand within the technology sector, opening up new opportunities for professionals in this field.

The GreenTech sector in Germany is experiencing significant growth, offering promising career opportunities across various fields. As businesses strive to meet their sustainability goals, the demand for skilled professionals in this sector is predicted to surge even further.  

Whether you’re a job seeker looking to make a positive impact on the environment or an employer seeking talented individuals committed to sustainability, Germany’s GreenTech industry offers a world of opportunities.

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