Specialists in recruiting top talent for Circular Economy startups, from built environment, electronics and energy companies, to packaging and plastics, textiles, biowaste and water businesses. To talk with one of our advisors about scaling your Circular Economy startup, contact us today

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Redesigning The World As We Know It

The circular economy is rapidly gaining traction in both political and business circles. A circular economy, in contrast to today’s linear economy, attempts to build a closed-loop system with the goal of keeping materials circulating for longer, re-designing industrial systems, and encouraging a cascading use of resources and waste.

The volume of opportunities within the Circular Economy industry is growing year on year. As oceans fill with plastic, finite resources deplete, and the true cost of fossil fuel usage becomes apparent, the chance to increase wealth, jobs, and resilience while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and pollution becomes integral in the fight for a sustainable future.

Experts In Circular Economy Recruitment

Storm4 is dedicated to delivering industry-leading recruitment services. We offer standard, exclusive, or partnership sourcing solutions., chosen by you, to help you reach your talent acquisition goals.

Our highly specialised teams cover key circular skillsets across Product Management, Data & Analytics, Engineering, DevOps and Sales & Marketing. This micro-niche approach to sourcing top talent means our consultants have the richest, most diversified network of senior professionals in the market.

Whether you are looking to hire a Circular Economy expert or an entire team, Storm4 are best placed to support. Our database of Circular Economy professionals hold a wealth of experience and champion a circular and sustainable future.



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Why are Storm4 specialists in Circular Economy recruitment ?

Approaching recruitment from a different lens, we are unique in that each consultant is in the top 1% of recruiters in their specialism globally; across Engineering and DevOps, Data and Analytics, Sales & Marketing and Product Management. Every consultant is a micro-specialist, only working on roles within one vertical, and only within GreenTech, making us best-placed to meet your recruiting needs.

What other companies rely on Storm4 as Circular Economy recruiters ?

Our award-winning service has been trusted by Circular Economy startups who have recently received institutional backing from investors, from Series A+. At their tipping point of growth, we have placed mid-level to executive Circular Economy professionals who have been fundamental in accelerating circular solutions across the US, Canada and Europe.

What is the process for recruiting experts in Circular Economy ?

After talks with our Commercial Lead regarding the recruitment plan that’s best for you, we get to work scouring our extensive database of relevant professionals. With each of our consultants specialising in the four verticals needed to scale your Circular Economy startup, we can ensure that only the best talent is headhunted and presented to you. Once an offer has been made, we manage the process and support you with after offer care to ensure the smoothest onboarding process for both parties.