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The APAC has already surmounted the critical challenges of global energy consumption. Therefore, it is determined to focus on its potential for sustainable energy development. APAC is at the top among the other regions of the world concerning renewable energy investment, despite the global pandemic that struck in the last few years. The demand for GreenTech is increasing faster in APAC as development and investment in the coming decade.

The zone has set its target for the integration of new technologies to help the mission of a greener world in developing countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Take a look at our infographic which highlights the key figures in the APAC GreenTech market.

apac greentech market

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Storm4 focuses on the tech industry aiming to create a more sustainable tomorrow. From Future Mobility, Circular economy, and Clean Energy through to Smart (Grid, Metering, Water, Home, Energy analytics), AgTech and Food, Energy Storage, and Decarbonisation, Storm4 will focus on connecting the best GreenTech talent to the most innovative Sustainable Technology businesses worldwide. We are a specialist recruitment scale-up launched in February 2021 and now the company has expanded to service the APAC region.

Storm4 is here to accelerate the journey towards a sustainable future.

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