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Firstly, what is a careers page?

A careers page, also known as the careers site, is a part of your company’s website that helps you to showcase your brand as an employer, your company values, beliefs and goals and it can be either a microsite, or a landing page. As opposed to just displaying all the available vacancies within your company, it has a singular focus on sending a certain branding message to jobseekers, and attracts them to your company.

A career page can be an effective sourcing and branding tool for your company. Good career pages cater to your recruitment needs and if done properly, can attract the right type of candidates who want to work with you. Rather than relying on external sources to build a brand, a career page will help to control the message your company wants to send out to the public.

careers page hiring signKey features of a Strong Careers Page

While career pages can differ from company to company, if you want to deliver a strong message your careers page should include at least the following:

  1. Your company’s story
  2. Word of mouth endorsement
  3. Meet the team
  4. What your company can offer
  5. What qualifies them for the job
  1. Your company’s story

Your company’s careers page should showcase your company’s journey. Share highlights of your history, from the beginning up until the present time. Showcase your purpose and your values, to attract the most fitting candidates. Don’t forget to mention what your company is the proudest of: whether it’s your team, product or even the culture. All of these things are usually a very strong indication for prospective jobseekers to truly understand what it will be like if they join your company, and if it’s something that aligns with them.

  1. Word of mouth endorsement

Instead of relying on communicating the message yourself, what will really reinforce it is having endorsements or testimonials from your employees on the careers page. It can be a few words on what they enjoy most in their work or what their favourite thing about the company is. Having employees deliver your message is way more effective and more likely to resonate with jobseekers that would like to become a part of your company. It can be beneficial for both sides (your company and potential employees) to see what working at your company looks like!

careers page

  1. Meet the team

The benefit of having an “our team” page is not only helpful for potential employees, but also to attract potential customers. The team page helps to showcase the talented people you’re proud to have in your team, but it also gives a face to the people within your company, which as a result will help a bit to make prospective employees understand a little of how everyone might be like. When you’re showcasing the strong talents that you have on your team, it is also beneficial for others within their connections to find out about your company, and help attract more traction.

  1. What your company can offer

What is your company’s competitive advantage over other companies in the same sector? What types of perks and benefits does your company offer? It can be a distinctive company culture, competitive salary, good work-life balance or food available in the office – having a part dedicated to it helps to clearly outline how you stand out from your competitors.

Make sure to check our latest intel on the topic of work benefits in the US and Europe to find out how to improve your employer benefits strategy, which can be crucial to your recruitment strategy as well. Additionally, have a look at our How to Maintain a Strong Company Culture to see if any further improvements can be executed!

  1. What qualifies them for the job

Having a section dedicated just for the open roles you’re recruiting for will help potential employees to find where to apply for these roles easily. When looking for candidates make sure that you have a checklist for them: what they need to know, any potential skills necessary for the job and so forth. While it might be tempting to list down everything you’re looking for in a potential employee, doing so might turn people off from applying for any vacancies.

Your job descriptions should be honest, clear and concise. If you have mentioned the benefits of working with the company before on the career page, make sure to include them in the job descriptions as well.

What are the advantages of a Careers Page?

Your company’s careers page can become a strong tool in developing your talent pool. As a controlled hiring tool, the careers page can increase traffic growth, can offer strong customizability and assist your company in your recruitment journey. Amongst a few other advantages, the main ones are:

  1. Greater Employer Branding
  2. Does Wonders for Organic Web Traffic
  3. Improved Hiring Metrics
  1. Greater Employer Branding

A careers page allows you to send a unified message to your potential employees. All successful companies should use their careers page to present a consistent brand image and company values to jobseekers. Because these types of pages are usually the first point of contact for people who are interested in working with you, and they’re managed internally, you have full control over the message you are sending out. This will allow you to sell the best version of your company to jobseekers.

  1. Does wonders for organic web traffic

A strong career page can be beneficial to the website traffic of your company’s site. These pages are one of the highest searches for jobseekers when they’re looking for open vacancies. With the right targeting and content, your company can easily jump to one of the top spots in search results.

  1. Improved Hiring Metrics

The numbers don’t lie – having a strong careers page can not only reduce the cost-of-hire but the time-to-hire as well. On average, using a career site can improve your results by 70% more than traditional hiring methods as you, the employer, are in full control. With the right information on the careers page, it helps your potential candidates to pre-screen themselves before applying to any open vacancies. That will drive the hiring costs down and quicken the process. Additionally, having a career page will help you build a database of pre-screened candidates that can potentially be used for future vacancies.

Recommendations for building a career page that stands out

The first step in creating a career page begins with understanding who you are creating it for in the first place. Try to put yourself in the position of a potential candidate and imagine what they would like to see on your page. Your careers page should create a seamless experience for the candidate to successfully convert them to new hires.

It is important to appeal to and attract your potential candidates as if they were potential clients. Have a good think about whom you’re speaking to and what is the message you’re trying to convey to the right group. If your careers page only tells the future prospects one message: “apply now”, then the chances are you will get a big volume of applications, but not the right quality. Make sure you inform them WHY they should apply, and one way of leveraging it is having a chat with your current employees to find out what potential candidates might want to know.

Some questions you should consider while making your careers page:

  1. Who is the company?
  2. What does the company do?
  3. What makes the company a good employer?
  4. What their employees thinks of them?
  5. What’s in it for them if they are joining the team?

Because your career page is built on two aspects: page design and content, try to balance these two out. Have lots of photos and videos to help the candidates visualize what it’s like to work in your company.

Your careers page should be an integral part of your hiring strategy. With a plethora of GreenTech companies trying to attract the best talent, having a strong career page will allow you to tell your story and give you an opportunity to ‘sell’ your company to prospective candidates by presenting an authentic depiction of your company. It’s the perfect way to increase brand awareness, and promote yourself to the best talents within the industry.

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