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A recent estimation predicts that the global GreenTech market will reach a valuation of $74.64B by 2030. The sector expands as rapidly in Europe as it does globally. There’s more demand for companies that want to accelerate the transition to a greener tomorrow, also due to the upcoming EU policies.

Approved in 2020, European Green Deal is a set of policy initiatives prepared by the European Commission aiming at making the European Union climate neutral by 2050. On top of the pre-existing policies included in it, will also aim at bringing more policies related to innovation, circular economy, biodiversity, farming and building renovation. That will mean not only a higher number of GreenTech startups, but a more environmentally-aware change for pre-existing companies.

As we’re facing a critical point that requires a more sustainable approach, the GreenTech sector grows faster than ever. More countries focus on their transition to EV’s, renewable energy and circular economy, to ensure a greener future. European governments and the European Commission bring more funding to help the companies kickstart their mission of removing the human footprint from the planet. How does the European GreenTech market look like when it comes to numbers?

Although the US still dominates this market, Europe is slowly catching up with the quantity of companies as well as their quality. To understand the current state of the market, we put together some key GreenTech statistics to illustrate the amount of companies and money distributed in the sector. You can also find the key companies based in Europe as well as which sectors are the most funded.

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