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What is Geospatial data?

Geospatial data is data that includes information about objects, events, or phenomena and their locations on the earth’s surface. These locations can be static, like the location of a road, or dynamic, like the movement of a vehicle. Geospatial data combines location data, usually in the form of coordinates, with attribute data about the characteristics of the object or event, and sometimes includes temporal information about the time period or lifespan of the location and attributes. This type of data is often made available as open data, which means it can be freely accessed by users through open standards. There is a wide range of uses for geospatial data, and it is collected by both public and private organizations, leading to the development and support of open standards within the geospatial community.

Because geospatial data includes data related to phenomena, it can be an effective tool for the GreenTech sector, and there are some companies already utilizing it. In what way?

What link does geospatial data have with GreenTech and sustainability?

Geospatial data is becoming increasingly popular in the field of sustainability and green technology. It makes sense – because geospatial data includes monitoring phenomena, according to Edie, it can be a phenomenal tool to use for:

  • Mapping coastal erosion
  • Mapping for low-carbon heat production
  • Sharing datasets
  • Helping preserve carbon sinks
  • Protect humanity from heat events.

In the future, it will be even more important to use location data to provide evidence and insights. This is because we can only effectively manage and address issues if we can accurately measure them. Governments and businesses require trustworthy, detailed information, and geospatial data, which is precise and reliable, can help track climate change and evaluate the effectiveness of measures taken to address it.

As mentioned before, geospatial data is slowly becoming the core of many GreenTech businesses. Because of that, we decided to spotlight five companies in Europe that take it to the next level with the aim of bringing a more sustainable and climate-secure tomorrow.

5 brands accelerating this sector in Europe: 

  1. Constellr geospatial data - Constellr

Freiburg-based Constellr has been founded in 2020, and they’re a developer of a technological device intended to monitor the land surface temperature. They use data optimized for high-precision agriculture, temperature-derived crop health management, yield forecasting, and sustainable resource management. They aim at minimizing water stress in order to maximize the efficient use of water and prevent any major disruptions to supply chains. Till today, Constellr raised €10.7M of funding, including a €9.69M Seed round in November 2022.

  1. Ororatechgeospatial data - Ororatech

Founded in 2018, Ororatech is another German-based start-up that develops nanosatellite constellations equipped with multispectral imagers in the thermal infrared and visible light range. Their software platform allows customers to stay informed about the earliest detection of hotspots and allows them to monitor areas at risk of wildfires. It also allows agriculture resource management, infrastructure, and industry monitoring, and climate-resilient city planning. Ororatech has so far raised €20.9M, including a €15M Series A funding in November 2022.

  1. Everimpactgeospatial data - everimpact

French-based Everimpact utilizes geospatial data in their air quality and climate monitoring platform intended to improve the health prospects and quality of life for citizens. Their main aim is accelerating decarbonization with reliable carbon tracking. Their solutions are trusted by the European Commission, the city of Porto, the city of Manchester, Royal Borough of Greenwich amongst many others. Founded in 2015, Everimpact has so far raised €2.02M, including a €1.7M Seed round in December 2022.

  1. Verna

London-based Verna utilizes geospatial data for the purpose of sustainable land management. Their solutions assist individuals and organizations who own land, as well as decision-makers, to utilize their land in a manner that reduces the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, increases the variety of plant and animal life, and produces financial benefits that are sustainable. Examples of this include planting trees, improving and creating habitats, and farming in a way that promotes growth and regeneration. So far, Verna raised €2.64M, including a pre-seed round of almost 1M.

  1. Overstory

Founded in 2018 and based in Amsterdam, Overstory is a developer of a planet intelligence platform tool designed to offer global-scale automated analysis of satellite imagery. Their solutions are optimized for monitoring and preventing wildfires and power outages. Overstory is active in 64 countries and has analyzed 155 cities so far. Until now, the company raised €9.98M, including a €5.04M Seed round in November 2022.

Despite the fact that this market is still really in its infancy, geospatial data can prove crucial when it comes to keeping the temperature below 1.5C. There are constantly new start-ups popping up with the idea of utilizing it in order to bring a safer, more sustainable tomorrow. We expect that in the next few years, this side of GreenTech will not only grow exponentially but will become essential to many businesses trying to save the planet.

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