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In less than a century, powered flight has progressed from a risky adventure to a routined mode of transport. Now, automobile and aviation enthusiasts are turning their attention to a new class of wheels, which promises to revolutionize inter-and intra-city mobility. This aircraft is known as the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle, which potentially could improve the future of elevated mobility by moving people and cargo more quickly, quietly, and cost-effectively than traditional helicopters.

While the idea of eVTOL has been around for many years, notably with the jump jet used by air forces around the world and the helicopter being the only successful civilian application, much uncertainty persists. Can the industry move away from its ‘rich toy’ label and meet its goal of making it accessible to the everyday commuter?

To gain some clarity about the sky ahead, we recently hosted a LinkedIn Live, discussing the opportunities and challenges at present and predicting whether flying jets will really take off in the coming years. From the discussion, three things are certain; the demand for electric aircraft is here, the technology is being developed, and the future will include fossil-fuel-free flight. But how far in the distant future will that be? 

To find out, the rich discussion and exclusive insights from the industry’s biggest eVTOL players are summarized in this written review.

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