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Both exciting and stressful emotions may come with interview preparation. Many job seekers concentrate on the questions the company will ask them, frequently forgetting to prepare any questions they might want to ask the interviewer. Interviews are two-way conversations. The organization wants to get to know you more so they can evaluate whether you’re a good match for the position and the corporate culture. You may discover more about their goals and decide if they’re the appropriate fit for you by asking questions.

With sustainability a key element for the new socially conscious workforce, companies like General Electric have already made sustainability a key part of their employee engagement and hiring strategy, highlighting the use of renewable energy in the workplace, conveying how the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and understanding that equality and diversity are critical factors.

GreenTech start-ups are usually innovative and fast-paced which can be very appealing but is not an environment that everyone thrives in. Before jumping into one, make sure that the company is what you’re looking for. The start-up environment offers flexibility and endless opportunities for growth and learning. You can be a part of something new and make a significant impact. However, it can still be a difficult, high-stress environment in the early days, which is why we have compiled a list of 4 key questions to ask in your start-up interview so that you can really get to grips with the business.

What is the GreenTech company culture like?

The stage and rate of growth can indicate a certain working culture. Early-stage companies are constantly evolving whereas mature start-ups focus on execution and scaling the business. Hypergrowth can mean rapid progression and learning, but you can also expect longer hours, an ever-changing job description and constant problem-solving.

GreenTech companies are highly mission driven and the vision of a sustainable tomorrow is the driver behind the company’s culture. The GreenTech industry tend to give importance to employee care which is rarely seen in many other company. Plenty of opportunities to grow as it is expanding rapidly and making employees as leaders in a short period of time.

What you want to know about GreenTech company culture:

Asking directly is the simplest method to learn about the company culture. Based on your core values, a company’s culture will determine how well you fit in. Additionally, there is no “correct” or “wrong” company culture. In order to determine what a good or negative response could entail, you must determine the environment in which you flourish and the cultural elements that are important to you.

A few examples are leadership style, job flexibility, personal appearance, and social activities at the company. The corporate culture is obviously missing if the interviewer’s response appears unsure. If they come off as sincere and utilize examples from their own lives, the business probably has a distinct culture that permeates everything they do.

What previous success has the leadership team had?

It’s important to join a company with leadership you trust and believe in. A key person is the founder. Successful founders come in all forms. One with a good track record is an indicator of what can be achieved by the company. Although, a founder lacking a track record is not always negative as long as they can articulate their vision clearly. However, it could also show a lack of experience and knowledge which means you could be taking a big risk.

What is the current runway, and what are the future funding plans?

Understanding the company’s runway says a lot about how viable the business is and the strength of the management team. The longer the runway, the greater your job security and funding plans indicate ambition and growth for the business.

What to look for in company financials

If there is a shorter runway than a year, you should ask about possible funding. Is the company making an effort to raise money, and if so, how? Who are the founders looking for as investors? Your stock share may rise if you join at such a crucial time. The runway shows how long a business may operate in the event that it is unable to raise the necessary capital. However, cash on hand and financing levels aren’t the sole indicators of financial success.

Inquire about the company’s profit and sales goals for the current and future years. Everything depends on the way you ask when it comes to money. Most businesses are happy to offer this information, but if one is not, consider why. Their level of openness will reveal how transparent they are as a business.

What are the equity options?

The more equity you have with a company, the bigger share you have in the business as you effectively own part of it. Startups are keen to offer equity to get buy-in from their employees. It incentivizes employees to grow the company’s valuation in the same way the founders and investors do.

What to look out for in equity talk

To find out how much you’ll be paid out in an exit event, find out what portion of equity you’ll be offered. In order to bargain, compare the offer to the market value of your stock pay. You should also learn what kind of equity you are getting. Stock or restricted stock options are typically offered by startups. To know just how much and when you will own, be sure to ask about the intricacies of your company’s vesting plan and to receive clarification on which you will be provided.

You need to know how to negotiate equity and receive the greatest stock package available because owning stocks might include financial risk. Get your equity options officially documented so that you may hold the corporation responsible. You may determine the worth of your stock offer and decide whether the risk of joining a start-up is worthwhile by learning as much as you can about it up front.

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