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The hottest GreenTech companies in the market

The GreenTech ecosystem is constructed out of a variety of different and disrupting start-ups and scale ups, and is a sector growing at a rapid pace. The global green technology and sustainability market size was valued at $11.49 billion in 2021. With the growing importance of green and sustainable change increasing by different policies being established in different parts of the world, the market will continue to accelerate.

Since the volume of the companies continues to grow, here at Storm4 we compiled a list of GreenTech companies in different sectors that are the hottest spots in their markets.

Top 3 GreenTech Companies in Energy Storage

  1. Zincfive GreenTech companies

Based in US, ZincFive is an energy storage and delivery solutions company. Their main focus is providing their clients with a nickel-zinc battery based UPS solutions for mission-critical applications in data centres, intelligent transportation, motive power, and other industries. Founded in 2016, the company currently holds 74 different patents, and secured a $11 million of funding in March 2022.

  1. GreenTech companiesSolithor

Founded in 2021, Solithor’s main product is liquid processes SOLID-STATE lithium batteries for energy storage, that can be used in industries such as automotive, aviation and marine.  Based in Genk, Belgium, the team works with scientists to push the limits of battery technology. The company aims at disrupting the European battery value chain, while keeping sustainability and good environmental impact at the core of the business. In May 2022, Solithor secured €10M of funding.

  1. Span

A resident of San Francisco, US, Span is a developer of residential energy storage device, with the aim of providing renewable electricity and EV charging services. The main goal is to enable rapid adoption of renewable energy and deliver an intuitive interface for the home. They currently have two products: SPAN drive, a charger for EV’s, and SPAN Panel, that helps to gain energy data insights. Founded in 2018, Span secured a Series B $81.78 million funding in March 2022, and the company is now trying to expand their team.

Top 3 GreenTech Companies in Decarbonization

GreenTech companies

  1. Pachama

Founded in 2018, Pachama is a play on ‘Pachamama’ which means the Earth Mother of indigenous people of the Andes. This tech company’s aim is to restore nature to solve climate change. They do this by leveraging data, artificial intelligence, restoring forests, improving carbon markets and automation to protect ecosystems. Pachama wants to scale verification while monitoring and exchanging nature-based carbon credits which can help companies achieve Net Zero Targets. The company secured a Series B $55million funding in May 2022 and is actively hiring.

GreenTech companies

  1. Flowcarbon

Based in New York, US, Flowcarbon uses blockchain technology to put carbon offset credits on-chain, with the aim of accelerating the scalability of climate change solutions. Their goal is to accelerate decarbonization through nature based climate solutions. Founded in 2021, the company is on a mission to incentivize high impact climate change mitigation projects with their technology. In May 2022, they secured their $70M Series A funding.

  1. Carbonable

Founded in 2021, and similarly to Flowcarbon, Carbonable merges FinTech and GreenTech by offering nature-backed NFTs to enable decarbonization projects by providing the clients with an ongoing financial reward. The projects are carefully selected and vary from endangered forests to new mangroves, in order to capture and reduce CO2. Based in Grenoble, France, the company received funding in June 2022.

Top 3 GreenTech Companies in Smart Technology

  1. SenseGreenTech companies

A resident of Massachusetts, US, Sense specializes in developing and distributing tracking devices and home automation solutions. Their main product is a home monitoring system, that can listen to electronic signatures of devices in electrical panels and record them, distinguish them from other devices and provide insights in a specially designed mobile app. The main goal is to save energy through smart technology and help prevent disasters (like burning a home down because you didn’t turn off the oven). Founded in 2013, Sense secured $152 million of Series C funding in April 2022.

  1. LekoLabsGreenTech companies

Founded in 2017, LekoLabs specializes in developing new smart buildings, aiming to overcome inefficiencies related to traditional ways of construction. Their smart house system aims at reducing global CO2 emissions by 500 megatons. Based in Luxembourg, the company received a $21M Series A funding and is actively hiring.

  1. SealedGreenTech companies

Based in New York, US, Sealed offers smart home retrofits and turnkey project management to upgrade houses to make them more energy-efficient. Sealed covers the costs of the installations upfront, and they only receive their payment if the client indeed saves money and reduces their energy use. Their data, analytics, and software enable investment-grade energy savings predictions. Founded in 2012, the company secured their latest $16 million of funding in May, 2022, and they are currently hiring.

Top 3 GreenTech Companies in Clean Energy

  1. Solterra PartnersGreenTech companies

Founded in 2014, Solterra Partners provides utility-scale power plants to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. The company completed 14 different projects so far across the US, and has five projects currently under development. Based in Charlotte, US, the company aims at tackling the US’ clean energy requirements. In June 2022, Solterra Partners secured their $10M funding round.

  1. OhmiumGreenTech companies

Based in Nevada, US, Ohmium manufactures Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers, which are able to produce pressurized high-purity hydrogen. Their electrolyzers can be stacked to reduce installation and maintenance costs while enabling unlimited configurations of deployment sizes. Their main goal is to accelerate global decarbonization with green hydrogen solutions for industry, power, and transportation. Founded in 2019, Ohmium secured its latest $45 million Series B funding in April 2022.

  1. Common EnergyGreenTech companies

Founded in 2017, Common Energy’s main product is Community Solar – a new program that enables virtually anyone to support clean energy for free and save on their electricity each month. So far, they signed over 3,000 homeowners, renters, and businesses who now receive clean energy credits from their local solar project. Based in New York, US, the company received $16.5 million of funding in May 2022.

Top 3 GreenTech Companies in the Circular Economy

  1. Wase

Based in London, UK, Wase specializes in decentralized sanitation systems, with their main goal of accelerating the global adoption of circular waste treatment. Their three products are: SaniWase, IndustriWase and AgriWase, all focused on creating bioenergy from waste such as sewage, wastewater and agricultural organic waste. Founded in 2021, Wase secured its € 1.2 million of funding in March 2022.

  1. Greyparrot

Another resident of London, UK, Greyparrot provides a platform for automated waste composition analysis, all with the goal of achieving a circular economy. The company utilizes AI computer vision systems deployed globally in sorting facilities, to monitor and sort through large waste flows at scale. Founded in 2019, the company received their latest € 10.41 million Series A in May 2022.

  1. Cloudfret

Established in 2020, Cloudfret wants to accelerate the change to circular economy by providing a digital platform to reduce empty returns running by freight trucks. Their main goal is to reduce the carbon footprint, and they do so by maximizing the fill rate and limiting truck’s empty returns. The company has two offices, one in Marseille, France and one in Casablanca, Morocco, and operates between Europe and Africa. In May, 2022, they secured a Seed $1 million round of funding.

Top 3 GreenTech Companies in AgTech

  1. 80 Acres FarmsGreenTech companies

Based in the US, 80 Acres Farms specializes in vertical farming, and their main goal is to provide fresh, nutritious, and sustainably grown fruits and vegetables. The name of the Start-Up comes not from the amount of land they use to grow their produce, but the amount of food they can produce in their indoor farms. Founded in 2015, the company received a €157.8 million Series B funding in April 2022.

  1. FarmwiseGreenTech companies

Founded in 2016, Farmwise is a developer of farming robots used in autonomous cultivation and organic farming. They build systems and processes, with the goal of helping farmers to streamline operations and increase food production efficiency. Based in Santa Clara, US, the company has secured a $45 million Series B funding in June, 2022, and they have an interesting portfolio of awards in their pocket.

  1. SCiFi Foods (Formerly Artemys)

Based in San Francisco, US, SCiFi Foods develops meat alternatives with the goal to empower people to eat sustainably. Their aim is to create cultivated meat with the same taste, texture, and nutrition as conventional meat, but without any of the cruelty or cost to the planet. Founded in 2019, the company secured €20.78 million in Series A funding and are actively looking to expand their team.

Top 3 GreenTech Companies in EV/Future Mobility

  1. Sparkcharge

A resident of Massachusetts, US, Sparkcharge is a provider of mobile and convenient charging stations for electric vehicles. Their main development is the technology behind Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS), which allows customers to charge their EV’s whenever and wherever they want. Founded in 2017, the company received a $23 million Series A funding in May 2022.

  1. Fetii

Established in 2020, Fetii uses a network of 15 passenger transit vans to eliminate the need for groups on the move to split into multiple vehicles. It also provides the customer with a UPC check-in solution that allows users to split the fare when boarding. Based in Austin, US, Fetii secured their latest undisclosed Seed round in June 2022.

  1. Ride1Up

Based in San Diego, US, Ride1Up is a developer of electric bicycles. Their main goal is to remove the price as the barrier to entry when it comes to e-bikes, hoping it will drive a positive, sustainable change in the lives of many. They currently offer seven different bikes in their portfolio. Founded in 2018, the company received their latest € 5.91 million Series A round in March 2022, and they have a few positions open when it comes to hiring.

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