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We believe most traditional interview processes are flawed

Interviews are a crucial part of the hiring process, and they’re important to get right. As the employment market improves and candidates have more options, this has become increasingly difficult. Optimizing your interview process early on is critical for finding exceptional people who will do great work, contribute to culture, and stay with your CleanTech long-term.

Whether you’re interviewing for a Senior, Head of, Director or C-Suite role, the four stages listed below are the magic formula to ensure great talent doesn’t slip through the cracks and allow you to hire the person who will take your startup or scale up to the next level.

At Storm4, we can advise you further on how to implement the below interview process, as well as provide you with even more tips on attracting top talent. Get in touch to speak with one of our consultants today, or learn more about our specialisms here.

interview process

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