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The History Of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is energy derived from natural sources that are replenished at a higher rate than they are consumed, such as solar, wind and water, a far cry from the overused fossil fuels which have put our planet in today’s vulnerable climate, such as coal, oil and gas. Despite renewable energy becoming a prominent talking point across governments and board rooms in the last few decades, the history of renewable sources dates back to the beginning of civilisation in 200 BC. In Europe, they created watermills which effectively used water power to control mills that crushed gains. Fast forward several Centuries, water is used to harness the power of electricity.

So, this got us thinking. How many of us know how renewable energy has evolved? Surprisingly, you may be taken aback by the history, illustrated in the infographic below.

As the world starts to transition towards using cleaner energy, the graphic below will be entirely different in the next 100 years as more renewable innovations crop up and become a society norm. Creating fewer carbon emissions, renewables are now cheaper in most countries, generate more jobs than fossil fuels and are the answer to combatting the current climate crisis. Policies and regulations from governments around the world are also incentivising companies to take action and transition to using cleaner energy in a bid to reach net zero by 2030.

renewable energy breakdown

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