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Female ClimateTech CEOs

If a woman can’t look up and see women who have been successful in a certain field, we have less chance of being successful ourselves. Or, in the worst-case scenario, we don’t even try. We need as many prominent role models as we can have in a world where the number of males called Jeffrey holding CEO positions exceeds the entire number of female CEOs. The technology sector is expanding; global venture investments in the first quarter of 2021 totaled $125 billion (a 94% increase year over year). So we find ourselves asking...why hasn’t the inclusion and participation of women in IT risen along with the tide, since a rising tide raises all boats?

It will now take 135.6 years to achieve gender parity, up from roughly 100 years in 2020, according to the most recent Global Gender Gap Report. Eight female CEOs and 2021 Technology Innovators are highlighted below; they are working to change this imbalance. Female role models do exist, even in male-dominated fields. We just need to make them more visible. And you do need to want to see them. That’s what I’d like to do by sharing with you this valuable list of female tech CEOs created by our wonderful community.

So in celebration of the small yet powerful tribe of women who are moving ClimateTech forward, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top thought leaders, founders, and CEOs in the industry. Meet the women who are leading the Greentech revolution in Asia Pacific and propelling the kind of future we want to be a part of:

Grace Chia, CEO and Co-Founder of BeeX

Grace had aspirations of becoming a teacher since she was a young girl, and in addition to her work at BeeX, she teaches secondary school students about the significance of marine robotics. Grace works with her husband, Eng Wei, who operates as the business’s CTO, in her line of work. Working with her husband, according to Grace, has been “Interesting, Exciting, Challenging, and, Frustrating but it’s been a fun journey so far”. Grace is incredibly passionate about her company and the mission that they are driving but is the most grateful for her team who have

“sacrificed a lot of their time and effort towards building BeeX to be a successful and valuable company that makes a positive impact on society”

About BeeX: 

BeeX designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (HAUVs). Our vehicles, fully integrated with advanced reporting and analytical software tools, take men and women out of dangerous environments, reduce carbon footprint, and create a sustainable way of protecting underwater assets.

Grace Sai, CEO and Co-Founder of Unravel Carbon

grace sai

As she puts it, Grace strove to be unreasonable. “Reasonable people conform to existing power structures and rules. They will never do anything different. They are good and obedient people, and they probably make up 95 percent of the population. The remaining five percent must be the ones to change things. It is through the will of unreasonable people that change happens.”

About Unravel Carbon:

An AI-powered decarbonisation platform, Unravel Carbon converts any company’s accounting data into full supply chain carbon data in seconds, provides detailed emissions analytics, generates climate solutions, and auto-populates regulatory disclosure reports. It serves companies within the food & agriculture, tech, fashion & footwear, and built environment sectors — which account for more than 60 per cent of global carbon emissions.

Based in Singapore, Unravel Carbon helps companies track and reduce their carbon emissions, specialising in Scope 3, focusing on Asia-Pacific. (Scope 3 emissions are the result of activities from assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organisation but that the organisation indirectly impacts in its value chain)

Maya Hari, CEO of Terrascope

maya hari

“While a growing number is commendably committing to net zero, most are unable to make a real impact because they underestimate the challenges in measuring, managing and reporting their data along the way. Terrascope simplifies that journey for them,” Maya said in a statement about the companies impact.

About Terrascope:

Terrascope seeks to address the two key challenges that organizations have to deal with in their decarbonisation journey – speed and accuracy of data collected and capturing Scope 3 emissions, the indirect emissions across the value chain that constitutes majority of a company’s carbon footprint. The data science and machine-learning platform helps companies to do both while allowing the management to track progress through centralised dashboards.

The Terrascope platform powers Olam’s emissions measurement, demonstrating clear improvements in accuracy and measurement cycles. The platform has subsequently completed multiple pilots across the food and beverage sector in the UK and Asia. The company is currently engaged in additional client engagements across different industry sectors.

Iris Zhao, CEO and Co-Founder Of Capture

iris zhao

“Our plans for Capture involve a robust product innovation to fulfil our vision of empowering businesses and communities with intelligence and tools toward a suite of climate actions essentially guided by Net-Zero targets.”

About Capture:

Capture is a sustainability B2B platform that enables organisations to build and engage a planet-friendly workforce. Through the use of gamification, Capture aims to help employees transition to a sustainable lifestyle.

With Capture, employees can auto-track their commute emissions, participate in sustainability challenges and engage in friendly competition with their colleagues through a leader board. The app also includes offsetting, employee ratings and digital learning. Employees can learn and be certified in sustainability best practices as well as ESG compliance through the app.

Orly Glick, CEO of ESGgo

orly glick

“We are no longer talking in terms of nice to have, but it is a binding business and cultural matter”, explains Orly.

About ESGgo:

ESGgo’s product is actually an organizational tool, designed to help companies in exactly these aspects: to understand which ESG data they should collect, to organize the data in the form of benchmarks that are indicators that can be compared to what exists in the industry and the industry in which it operates, and finally, to produce reports according to the requirement. According to Glick, it is a “one-stop shop” product for ESG data monitoring, gap analysis and artificial intelligence (AI)-based optimization, “which eliminates months of tedious work of manual collection within the company and standardization of the data.

After the system offers a branched list of ESG targets adapted to the client, it offers information collection – manually by typing answers to questions in a convenient interface into the system or automatically by connecting to the company’s systems, or a combination of the two. Thus, the company is faced with a detailed dashboard, which includes all the organization’s data, their position in the industry or the average used in that industry, and various comparison points that will allow realistic and competitive progress goals to be set.

Jayantika Soni, VTO and Co-Found of Resync

jayantika soni

“It is hard for entrepreneurs to define work-life balance well. My work-life balance goal is to be present in whatever activity I am doing, be it working on product development, hiring, or at home. As long as I do my work/task at hand mindfully, it will be a rewarding day for me.” says Soni in regards to the topic of work-life balance.

About Resync:

The Singapore-based startup provides AI-driven intelligent energy management solutions to smart buildings and systems with multiple sustainable energy sources. Resync seeks to create a sustainable and digitalised energy grid, and to constantly improve energy efficiency through adoption of sustainable energy. We work towards being eco-friendly, innovative and proactive in the sustainable energy industry.

They serve over 20 customers in 7 markets in the Asia-Pacific and have already established partnerships with several organisations, including the Thai Digital Energy Development, Prasetia Dwidharma and Nanyang Technological University.

Elizabeth Chan, CEO and Co-Founder of Neptune

elizabeth chan

“We want to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and protect every drop of water in the ocean so that our children will live longer on Earth,”

About Neptune:

Neptune’s data-driven platform uses AI, big data, intelligent cruise positioning and remote control to clean ship hulls both above and below the water line, no matter how murky the water is. Using a cavitational-waterjet system, the industrial-grade ROVs can scrub a ship’s hull without damaging its protective coating.

The system can operate 24-7 in complex scenarios, such as when a ship is loading, unloading, refilling or bunkering. It currently takes a crew of four to operate one of Neptune’s robots; the company is aiming to reduce that number to two people for ships at anchor and one for ships at port.

Rachel Wong, CEO and Co-Founder for GabkoTech

About Gabkotech:

Gabkotech Innovations Pte Ltd specialize in developing IOT and SMART Workforce Solutions for Facilities Management. Their methodology involves walking the process of Design, Consultancy, Project Management, Training, Qualification and Business Continuity with our client to reach their goals and objectives. Their main focus is to transform business applications to help service management industry to do workforce planning and scheduling for curbing manpower optimisation challenges. Empowering them to be more competitive in their own market field.

The company work with Facility Management Companies, Security Agencies, Cleaning, Mechanical Electrical Engineering, Pest Control and other services industries. The solution and services they provide helps in coping the common challenges of these industries like constant demand for managing manpower, changing standards, complying to regulatory requirements and gaining productivity using technology.

Storm4’s Commitment to Gender Equality

In 2023, we are launching Storm4’s Women in GreenTech initiative which includes a future of unique events, providing mentorship programs, and a supportive network for anyone in the sustainable technology industry, especially women.  We are looking to expand our Women in GreenTech specifically in Asia Pacific since all the Women’s network available are based in the US or Europe. In this ongoing series, we aim to highlight the female founders who are both creating the technology needed to address climate change and those helping drive and finance it. These role models inspire us to keep creating and supporting climate innovation and, in doing so, spur on the positive feedback cycle for other climate-focused women!

If you are interested in participating in such activities, CONTACT US HERE! 

We’ve helped some of the most successful GreenTech startups grow.

— now it’s your turn.