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Leaders today understand that diversity is more than checking boxes. Studies have proven that diverse teams drive innovation, increase revenue and produce smarter business decisions, to name just a few.

However, gender gaps still exist, discrimination occurs frequently and a lack of representation in leadership is very much still apparent.

With progress towards ED&I underwhelmingly low despite awareness being relatively high, Storm4 recently hosted a webinar, discussing strategies and initiatives companies can incorporate in their hiring, onboarding and retention phases to ensure ED&I is a foundational component of their scaling business.

Our Green Room panellists were:

With a decade of experience in developing and managing recruitment strategies for corporate and diversity outreach programs, Padmaja is an advocate for ED&I, championing inclusive hiring strategies, navigating implementation and measuring outcomes.

Being an experienced talent acquisition leader, Hilliary seamlessly integrates representation, equity and inclusion strategies into company hiring needs, with an emphasis on improving team performance, creating frameworks and meaningful employee engagement.

Currently the Head of Growth at the leading carbon management platform for consumer brands to tackle climate change, Kayalin frequently lends her voice as a thought-leader in ClimateTech with a focus on equity, inclusivity, and solutions.

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