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Preparing a Series A Funding Round in APAC – The Need to Know

Storm4 put together a panel of experts for a LinkedIn roundtable event focused on Preparing a Series A Funding Round in APAC. After speaking with clients, the seed funding boom is giving founders a false sense of confidence when going into Series A. Alongside this with the current global funding freeze, it can be quite difficult to know the best ways to attract and maintain the attention of an investor.

Throughout the panel, our panellists talk through their experiences of their Series A funding and cover the topics of…

  • What key criteria should you filter prospective investors based on?
  • What should your pitch desks include and is there something you had to add along the way?
  • What advice do you have for reaching out to investors? Which ones do you reach out to first?
  • How does fundraising in APAC differ to other regions?

Meet Our Panellists: 

  • David Henderson, CEO at DRVR
  • Pierre Rico, CEO at TEALE
  • Robert Waterworth, CEO at FLINTPro
  • Milan Koev, CEO at Hexagon Peak

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