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According to the 2020 Women in VC report, only 4.9% of partners at venture capital firms are women.

There is a huge opportunity for women to leverage their hard-won power and increase their influence and wealth by investing in venture capital. Executive women who become VC investors have the opportunity to increase their visibility, and their underrepresentation in these spaces is a result of the biases that affect the VC ecosystem. Women are frequently overlooked even when they have the capital and money to invest. Because of these biases in the venture capital industry, funds are not allocated to the best investment opportunities.

We’ll be speaking with Julie Abrams, General Partner at How Women Invest and CEO of How Women Lead, Ramsay Siegal, Partner at Earthshot Ventures, and Asya Bradley, Senior Partner at Mendoza Ventures about the importance of having women on the VC panel, as well as tips for female investors and founders.

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