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Director of Business Development

Storm4 Has A Portfolio Of Experienced Directors of Business Development Professionals Who Strive to Accelerate Business Expansion To Promote A Clean, Green Future.

Are you looking for a future-oriented and driven Director of Business Development? Storm4 has a portfolio of senior business development candidates who are focused on bringing a better, more sustainable tomorrow through leading business development strategies with sustainability at its core.

These professionals hold a wealth of experience that will help any business grow by increasing company revenue through identifying profitable business opportunities and developing long-term business growth strategies.

Being the most skilled in analyzing financial, statistical, and economic data, the Director of Business Development not only assesses the risks and opportunities, but they also act as the bridge between the company, clients and investors. They will manage building relationships with business partners and the sales and marketing teams, as well as researching the market and trends that could help the business side in long-term.

Key Director Of Business Development responsibilities include:

  • Identify and develop new business opportunities, incorporating the assessment of the potential risks
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with already existing clients and investors, and manages new prospects, fulfill requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • Evaluate existing business partnerships to identify what aligns, while proposing and developing new strategic opportunities
  • Develop and strengthen internal relationships, and build cross-functional teams in order to create long-term, steady growth
  • Research emerging markets and trends, potential competitors and product/service opportunities
  • Help shape company’s long-term objectives by developing a sustainable business plan and assess and plan goals to achieve them,
  • Advice on product development, distribution and promotion strategies

GreenTech leaders are looking for experienced Directors of Business Development, who can take the initiative and drive more revenue into the growing market of GreenTech.

Storm4 are proud to connect the best Director of Business Development with the biggest GreenTech names in the industry to drive change for a greener tomorrow.

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