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Who are the newest GreenTech Unicorns?

Unicorns are not that common, but with enough search, you’ll find out who they are. Getting that crown title is something that does not come easy, but can definitely be achieved. Right now, there are only 1000 companies WORLDWIDE that were able to obtain this status, in all different sectors and markets. And once it’s achieved, it is definitely a badge that comes with respect. GreenTech Unicorns count for 4% of the companies that were able to raise over $1B of investment. These Start-Ups range from food tech to EV’s. Even though there’s only 47 of GreenTech Unicorns, it is great to see who was able to reach this amazing achievement.

This whitepaper presents 8 of the newest addition to the list, that made it in there in 2021 and 2022.

Check out our sneak preview & then download the full version below!

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