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In our latest series of The Green Room, we took to LinkedIn to host a live webinar exploring the intricacies of the $4 trillion ESG market. With a focus on the E of ESG, our Product Specialist Consultant, Clare Southworth, spoke with some of the industry’s pioneering leaders to understand how the term has become an integral part of any long-term business, how ESG platforms are bridging the education gap to ensure companies are integrating and understanding all aspects of environmental disclosure and how the sector is overcoming negative publicity.

In case you missed it, take a look at the recording below to hear from:

  • Kim Stroh, Co-Founder at Persefoni
  • Ryan Merrill PhD, Co-Founder at Handprint
  • Danielle Harder, CEO at Scope 5
  • Raphael Güller, Co-Founder at Sweep

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