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Women In GreenTech: Transformative Leadership For A Sustainable Future In APAC

Join Storm4 for a virtual moderated roundtable discussion with some of the most talented female leaders in finance, marketing, and technology today.

During this session – with many more instalments coming soon – Iona Stacy-Marks (Head of Storm4 APAC) will be joined by guest panellists for a candid conversation exploring market trends, unique ways they uncover and use insights, how being a woman impacts their work and career path, and diversity & inclusion as a source of innovation.

This event launched Storm4’s Women in GreenTech initiative which includes a future of unique events, providing mentorship programs, and a supportive network for anyone in the sustainable technology industry, especially women. We are looking to expand our Women in GreenTech specifically in Asia Pacific since all the Women’s network available are based in the US or Europe.

We’re bringing together the sector’s senior figures in an online network, where we will collaboratively talk through common business issues and personal challenges. This webinar is based on the topic of Women In GreenTech, Transformative leadership for a sustainable future in APAC.

• Lia Nicholson – Head of Sustainability at Terrascope
• Wini Wong – CMO at Aprisium
• Jayantika Soni, PhD – CTO at Resync
• Anandhi Gokhale – Investor at Emerald Technology Ventures
• Sumira Jayabalan – Venture Builder at Wavemaker Impact

We’ve helped some of the most successful GreenTech startups grow.

— now it’s your turn.