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To tackle the challenges ahead, GreenTech startups and scale ups need to get serious about framing and scaling their data team.

Bad quality, unhandled data is costing organizations tons of money. Gartner Research estimates that companies lose $15 million per year as a result of poor data, while 94% of businesses believe the data they hold is inaccurate.

Aside from such sobering figures, bad quality data comes with hidden costs as well; from internal costs, such as the time or resources involved in building, maintaining or using databases, to external costs such as amounts spent on outsourced data cleansing.

Regardless of the function or size of your GreenTech, the data team is in a unique position to have an impact on every part of the organization.

As businesses across all sectors begin to recognize the decisive power of data to drive business goals, most are gearing up to put data in the driving seat of their company and product strategies.

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