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GreenTech talent has never been in more demand.

So how can you find the best talent in the industry?

Unlike the Great Resignation impacting many industries, GreenTech is experiencing unprecedented capital and human talent stream into the market. 

Many high-calibre candidates are leaving their incredibly desirable, high-paying tech professions to work at mission-driven businesses that are leading the way in influencing climate solutions. 

If you’re looking to attract the right talent to build your culture, drive sales and position you as a leader in the GreenTech industry, this hiring guide covers everything you need to know, including:

  • Current Candidate Motivations
  • The Top Perks To Offer
  • Market Retention Trends
  • Key Salary Levels Across the US
  • The Ideal Interview Process
  • Recruitment Insights From Storm4

Check out a glimpse of the eBook below:

Like what you see? Download your copy of Storm4’s US GreenTech Hiring Manual report below! 

We’ve helped some of the most successful GreenTech startups grow.

— now it’s your turn.