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Over the last decade, the topics of clean technology, energy and sustainability have moved from the periphery to the centre of the global economy. Despite women being 1.2 times more likely than men to found a business that doubles as a social venture, the executives who lead these companies are men.

The need for more female leaders has never been more critical, and there is a never-ending catalogue of data to support this claim. Closing the gender gap can increase GDP by 35%, whilst businesses with a gender diverse workforce are 21% more likely to experience above-average

In recent decades, there have been calls for greater gender equality, and although tremendous strides have been made, there is still a fundamental lack of women in leadership roles. Women are earning more bachelor’s degrees than men and negotiating salaries at the same rate, so why are we not seeing more female leaders?

This whitepaper reveals the unspoken truth behind the notorious gender gap in the clean technology sector, confronting the diversity disparity with a catalogue of data, rich insight and exclusive perspective from two pioneering CleanTech leaders, Amanda Hall and Alexandra Tavasoli.

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