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What are the most common team structures in EV Charging companies across the globe?

Electric vehicles and EV charging are amongst the fastest accelerating markets in GreenTech. With the rapid electrification of customer and commercial transport, it is expected that these sectors will expand even further in the next couple of years. EV Charging is a crucial element of this electrification, as a proper infrastructure is required to advance the transition to a more sustainable future. Whoever will be first to establish this infrastructure, will be set for a long time.

Because of that, Storm4 decided to take a deeper look into the data to discover and understand the team sizes and structures within EV Charging companies across the globe. The data was gathered from 115 companies across Europe, APAC and North America, with the use of our own database, Crunchbase and LinkedIn. Our aim was to provide an informational piece that can serve as an starting point for EV Charging companies when they start to think about expanding their teams.

With Europe taking the number one spot when it comes to average headcount, we compare the practices between the European market and APAC, as well as the European market and North America to provide a detailed overview of the practices within EV Charging companies in that region. Additionally, we looked even deeper to discover the most common roles within those teams, and how do they look percentage-wise compared to EV Charging team sizes in other locations.

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