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Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Storm4 has a portfolio of experienced Chief Data Officers who strive to promote data excellence to drive successful business outcomes

If you’re searching for your next Chief Data Officer, or are looking to find your next role as the CDO in a pioneering GreenTech, look no further. Storm4 have an extensive network of CDO veterans in their network who strive to achieve data excellence to drive successful business outcomes. We partner with innovative GreenTech companies, connecting them with Chief Data Officers who have a genuine love for data insights.

In an era of big data, these professionals hold a wealth of experience to seize market opportunities and mitigate risks now and in the future. 

An integral member of the C-Suite board, the Chief Data Officer leads the utilization and governance of data across the organization. Their ability to understand strategy will reduce pain points within the business to not only increase profit, but trust amongst stakeholders and clients.

Key CDO responsibilities include:

  • Define and evolve the data strategy to meet current trends and ensure the organization gains value for the future
  • Using data analytics to spark innovations that differentiate the organization in a competitive market
  • Oversee data management, data science and analytics to help target customers and optimize supply chains to create value
  • Lead the design of the data architecture and develop a system to conduct analysis in a way that gives meaning to data
  • Protect the organizations data from theft, corruption and interference by keeping up to date with data protection regulations
  • Lead, manage and motivate large technical teams
  • Drive organizational learning using data science and AI to automate decisions and actions and increase business efficiencies

We understand that the best Chief Data Officers utilize their data management experience, C-level credibility and understanding of business to make a commitment to lead change.

We’re proud that some of the best Chief Data Officers on the market are currently working with Storm4.

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