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Data Engineer

Storm4 have an extensive portfolio of experienced Data Engineers who strive to promote data excellence within the business and customer base

If you are looking to fill a Data Engineer vacancy, or are looking for your next role as a Data Engineer in a pioneering GreenTech, Storm4 have an extensive portfolio of experienced Data Engineers who are responsible for managing, optimizing and monitoring data retrieval and distribution throughout the organization. We partner with global GreenTech’s who are on a mission to use data insights to accelerate business performance.

These professionals posses world-class experience to identify trends and develop algorithms that will transform emerging startups to global GreenTech partners.

Having a great understanding of the company’s objectives, a Data Engineer primarily focuses on accessing raw data by optimizing dashboards, reports and other visualizations for stakeholders. They align all strategic work with business objectives to ensure the data is being utilized to its optimum.

Key Data Engineer responsibilities include:

  • Develop, construct, test and nurture architectures that align with business objectives
  • Develop data set processes and use programming languages to identify ways to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality
  • Use large data sets to address business issues as well as finding hidden patterns
  • Track pipeline stability, ensuring automated parts are monitored and modified as data models and requirements change
  • Stay in the loop of industry news to identify any market opportunities or gain competitive leverage

GreenTech leaders will be looking for professionals who are technically savvy and are able to juggle multiple hats. They are keen collaborators whilst being able to solve complex problems solo.

Storm4 pride themselves on working with some of the leading Data Engineers on the market to stimulate a future that is green and sustainable.

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