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Chief Data Scientist (CDS)

Storm4 Has A Portfolio Of Experienced Chief Data Scientists Who Strive To Empower Business Intelligence Through The Value Of Data

Are you in search for your next Chief Data Scientist to uncover data gold mines to fuel your business transformation? Or are you looking for a new direction as a Chief Data Scientist in an emerging GreenTech that is cracking the code of data insights? Storm4 has a network of experienced CDS’s who strive to empower business intelligence through the value of data, connecting them with innovative GreenTech’s on a mission to accelerate a data-driven sustainable tomorrow.

These professionals hold a wealth of experience and serve as the intermediary between the C-Suite executives and data science teams.

Being one of the most skilled technical resources in a business, the Chief Data Scientist not only defines and prioritizes important analytics, but they also serve as a translator connecting strategy and execution. They manage a range of data functions, from overseeing data management, creating data strategy and improving data quality.

Key CDS responsibilities include:

  • Identify and monitor key business risks to understand and recognize the data needs of the business
  • Design an industry-leading data analytics model by employing the latest machine learning infrastructure and leveraging data-sources
  • Curate experimental data modelling designs to evaluate changes in the businesses products/services
  • Understanding the business scope to determine the best route to manipulate data
  • Navigating ethical concerns around machine learning and defining ways to mitigate them
  • Leading innovation within the business by showcasing additional value created from data insights and assets

GreenTech pioneers are looking for data leaders who sit at the heart of the data science team, being key communicators, experts in statistics and programming languages as well as managing multiple hats to engage with both technical and non-technical audiences.

Storm4 are proud to partner with some of the world’s leading GreenTech’s and attaining the most sought after Chief Data Scientists.

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