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Head Of Data Science

Storm4 have an array of Head of Data Science leaders in their network who aim to encapsulate a data-driven world by promoting data excellence in business strategy

If you have a Head of Data Science vacancy to fill, or are looking for your next role as the Head of Data Science, Storm4 have a network of data professionals who strive to influence business performance and growth. We connect innovative GreenTech’s with senior data talent who possess a passion for driving value through data insight.

These professionals are world-class leaders, transforming GreenTech startup’s into data-driven global players on a mission to accelerate a sustainable tomorrow.

Responsible for creating new data science capabilities, the Head of Data Science works with business executives to provide advanced analytic modelling systems that direct strategies and inform decisions. They posses the technical capability to blend modern and traditional data techniques to all types of data sets.

Key Head Of Data Science responsibilities include:

  • Defines how a business creates value by the utilization of its data assets and analytics to lead and drive innovation
  • Manages the junior data science teams, overseeing all activities to ensure cohesion with department and business-wide vision and strategies
  • Encapsulates industry-leading performance using new data sources and employing the latest machine learning infrastructure
  • Collaborates with other data and analytics teams to design big data applications, serving as a trusted advisor to the business
  • Drives experimental data modelling designs and constantly runs tests to evaluate changes in the business’ products/services
  • Drafts reports on departmental performance and presents recommended models and strategies for approval

GreenTech leaders are looking for experienced data professionals who can realize the data needs of the business and are influential leaders who can manage and mentor a team.

Storm4 are proud to connect the best Head of Data Science professionals with some of the biggest GreenTech names in the industry to drive a green future via the power of data.

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