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Director Of Analytics

Storm4 has a network of experienced Director of Analytics’ professionals who strive to empower data excellence both within their company and customer base

If you’re searching for your next Director of Analytics role or to fill a Director of Analytics vacancy, Storm4 has a portfolio of experienced Data leaders who strive to direct data insights and empower business intelligence. We connect some of the most innovative GreenTech companies with Analytics specialists and data management professionals who have a genuine passion for using data to drive value and business results.

These professionals hold a wealth of experience and are true leaders in their specialty, morphing data with sustainable practices to drive a green future.

Aligning and directing the management, development, and integration of data analytics and business intelligence with the business’ vision and objectives, the Director of Analytics is responsible for optimizing business performance. They will also influence data capabilities and competencies by being a key member of the executive board.

Key Director Of Analytics responsibilities include:

  • Providing visibility and management of data-driven insights to create and plan the business’ strategic direction and goals
  • Supporting other teams in making strategic decisions regarding products, target customers and investments
  • Collaborating cross-functionally with the other data departments to ensure alignment of strategies against business objectives
  • Assessing the commercial value and risks of growth opportunities and providing analytics that will put the business in strategic position for dynamic growth
  • Staying informed about industry news and best practices to shape and nurture a leading data team
  • Mentoring data analytics personnel to constantly improve their professional skills and preparing them for taking up this position in the future

The best fit for a Director of Analytics is someone who is a subject matter expert, a thought-leader and being technically-versed in all things data.

Storm4 are proud to work and match some of the best senior data analytics professionals in the market with pioneering GreenTech’s of our generation.

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