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Senior Firmware Engineer

Storm4 has a network of Senior Firmware Engineers who are on a mission to drive change towards a green future through engineering and software excellence

Are you looking to find your next role as a Senior Firmware Engineer, or are you searching for your next Senior Firmware Engineer? Storm4 has a network of pioneering Senior Firmware Engineering talent who strive to promote engineering excellence and software innovation in the GreenTech space. We partner with some of the most ground-breaking GreenTech businesses, connecting them with Senior Firmware Engineers and a wide range of engineering professionals who have a genuine passion for innovation and champion a more sustainable future.

These professionals possess unparalleled engineering knowledge of hardware and firmware integration.

A challenging role that requires the professional structure algorithms with practical applications according to the project or client’s needs. The Senior Firmware Engineer is responsible for the design of software models and application firmware, in addition to running tests on the functionality of the software programs and products.

Key Senior Firmware Engineer responsibilities include:

  • Create the design of software models, application firmware, and embedded firmware
  • Identify board and firmware issues, present diagnostics, and resolve the issues while providing support to internal engineering teams
  • Conduct technical investigation, test, evaluate and upgrade existing architectures to improve coverage and quality
  • Take part in research and development processes with other stakeholders in the business and ensure project requirements are met on time
  • Guide junior engineers, providing leadership and coaching

GreenTech leaders are looking for professionals that will strive to maintain engineering excellence with software and firmware development.

Storm4 is proud to partner with GreenTech startups and businesses that are on a mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future and connect them with Senior Firmware Engineers that will be instrumental in helping them achieve their goals.

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