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Head of DevOps

Storm4 has a network of experienced Head of DevOps talent who strive to promote technical excellence and bring product concepts from paper to life.

Are you looking to find your next role as the Head of DevOps, or are you searching for your next technical lead to oversee the DevOps teams? Storm4 has a network of pioneering Head of DevOps talent who strive to promote technical excellence and bring product concepts from paper to life. We partner with some of the most innovative GreenTech’s, connecting them with Head of DevOps and a wide range of engineering professionals who have a genuine passion for a green future.

These professionals posses unparalleled experience to support site, software and application platforms that service the entire business.

A challenging role requiring the professional to lead cross-functional teams, the Head of DevOps is responsible for the entire DevOps department and oversees all activities of the team. They are key to diagnosing complex issues on various platforms and being a key role in the architectural evolution of the company.

Key Head of DevOps responsibilities include:

  • Lead the design, build, and operational management of scalable sites and software for the business
  • Build tools that allow the department to develop and deploy impeccable software and leverage productivity amplifiers
  • Create automated workflow capabilities in order to enable the business’s software engineering teams to test and promote code across the engineering department
  • Responds swiftly to any new and emerging vulnerabilities and security threats
  • Provide hands-on support to the frontend and backend engineering teams by enabling the migration of site/software services throughout transition periods.
  • Mentor and influence the team, promoting improvement and development in professional skills

GreenTech leaders are looking for professionals who are hands on and technical craftsmen. They obtain brilliant business acumen and create and design tools with sustainability at the core.

Storm4 are proud to connect senior Head of DevOps talent with leading GreenTech’s accelerating a green future.

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