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Vice President of Engineering (VP)

Storm4 has a portfolio of experienced VP of Engineering professionals who are on a mission to drive engineering excellence to promote a clean, green future.

If you are searching for a VP of Engineering to manage your innovative development team, or are looking for your next role as the VP of Engineering in a sustainability-focused company, Storm4 can connect candidates and clients alike on a mission to drive engineering excellence to promote a clean, green future.

These professionals hold a wealth of experience to not only lead and influence a team of pioneering engineers, but to drive innovation and bring product visionary to life.

The VP of Engineering will be responsible for ensuring that products meet design requirements, and deliver a consistent experience for users. They will manage a team of engineers and developers as well as collaborating with product managers to ensure the product vision is met.

Key VP of Engineering responsibilities include:

  • Design, implement, and monitor all operations and key performance metrics of the engineering team
  • Develop and implement procedures to ensure quality standards are met and best practices are always adhered to
  • Monitor, maintain and optimise budgets to meet goals
  • Collaborate and influence the execution of the complete product lifecycle from concept to execution
  • Recommend new technology and ideas to improve efficiency
  • Be influential in recruiting and nurturing a top engineering talent

GreenTech leaders will be looking for professionals who are technical gurus, responsible for encouraging thought leadership in the business and maintaining the technical edge of the company.

Storm4 are proud to connect with some of the leading VP’s of Engineering from across the tech scene with pioneering GreenTech’s championing a greener future.

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