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Head Of Operations

Storm4 has a network of experienced Head Of Operations professionals who intend to take your operations to new heights

If you’re searching for your next Head Of Operations role or to fill a Head Of Operations vacancy, Storm4 has a portfolio of experienced operations professionals who strive to implement the best operational practices in your team. We connect some of the most innovative GreenTech companies with Operations specialists who have a genuine passion for strategic planning and ensuring productivity.

These professionals hold a wealth of experience and are true leaders in their specialities, morphing operations with sustainable practices to accelerate the transition to a greener world.

Working in close cooperation with the C-Suite and others in management, the Head Of Operations formulates the business strategy with the executive team, designs policies that align with the overall strategy and implements efficient processes and standards, all to ensure the smooth running of all operations and high productivity of the team.

Key Head Of Operations responsibilities include:

  • Formulating business strategy with C-Suite and rest of Management
  • Designing policies that align with company strategy
  • Implementing efficient processes and standards
  • Managing budgets and expenses
  • Evaluating risks and leading quality assurance efforts
  • Ensuring compliance with local and international laws (e.g. data protection)
  • Overseeing the implementation of new technology solutions
  • Managing the administrative side of contracts and relations with stakeholders, customers, and partners
  • Analyzing productivity data and optimizing staffing and production capacity
  • Working closely with other departments to improve efficiency in the company

The best fit for a Head Of Operations is someone who lives and breathes structure and optimization and strives to help their team improve efficiency.

Storm4 is proud to work and match some of the best operations professionals in the market with the most disrupting GreenTechs.

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