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Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Storm4 has a vast network of Operations veterans who strive to execute business strategies to guarantee long-term success

If you are on the hunt for a Chief Operations Officer to supercharge the operational functions of your business or are looking for your next opportunity as a Chief Operations Officer in a climate-focused start-up, Storm4 are the trusted partners to connect clients and candidates alike on a mission to accelerate a sustainable future.

These professionals hold a wealth of knowledge and experience from various backgrounds, cultivating an extensive array of practices, policies and procedures to ensure business plans are executed efficiently and timely.

The Chief Operations Officer is commonly regarded to be second in the chain of command to the CEO, favorably complimenting his/her skillsets. The role is critical to the fortunes of many GreenTech’s, being responsible for executing the company’s business plan and handling internal affairs.

Key COO responsibilities include:

  • Design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures
  • Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth
  • Establish policies that support the company’s culture and vision
  • Oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives
  • Write and submit reports to the CEO in all matters of importance
  • Assist CEO in fundraising efforts
  • Participate in expansion activities (investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances etc.)
  • Manage relationships with key stakeholders

When hiring for this role, leaders will be looking for individuals who possess strong leadership skills and are resourceful problem solvers, having practical experience launching and managing a start-up’s early stages of development and growth.

Storm4 is proud to share some of the world’s most sought-after Chief Operations Officers from across the tech scene with trail-blazing GreenTech’s redefining the world’s future.

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