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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Storm4 has gathered an unrivalled database of experienced Chief Of Finance Professionals Who are the stepping stone between profit and long-term success

Are you looking to hire a Chief Finance Officer to account for the fiscal health of your GreenTech, or looking for a new career opportunity as a CFO to supercharge the next generation of GreenTechs? Storm4 is on a mission to connect Chief Finance Officers with GreenTech’s who are transforming the world as we know it to ensure the financial health and security of their impact.

These professionals are regarded as one of the most crucial roles among the leadership team and wider business, working closely with the CEO and Board of Directors as sounding boards, strategists and risk mitigators.

The Chief Finance Officer is a senior executive, responsible for overseeing a company’s financial operations, including its investments, capital structure, and methods for managing its revenue and expenses. On the basis of their financial insights and domain expertise, they offer suggestions on everything from supply chain to marketing, aiding in setting the technology path.

Key CFO responsibilities include:

  • Carving a leading finance and accounting team
  • Maintaining revenue and expense balance
  • Overseeing financial planning & analysis tasks
  • Recommending mergers and acquisitions
  • Securing funding
  • Collaborating with department heads to analyze financial data and create budgets
  • Certifying the veracity of reports and advising boards of directors and the CEO on strategy

The most sought-after CFOs are visionaries, always thinking about the future and not being shy when making strategic recommendations to the CEO and leadership team.

Storm4 uphold some of the best CFO talents from across the globe, eager to connect them with fast-growing GreenTech’s to continue growth and a green future.

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