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Chief Of Staff (COS)

Storm4 has a portfolio of Chief Of Staff veterans to support your leadership team in the execution and growth of your greentech

Are you looking to expand your executive team with a Chief Of Staff? Potentially you are searching for a new career prospect as a Chief Of Staff in a growing GreenTech. Storm4 can answer both, being the world’s leading GreenTech recruitment arm, uniting Chief Of Staff professionals with pioneering GreenTechs from around the world.

Our network of Chief Of Staff credentials holds a fortune of experience and knowledge, acting as a sounding board, right-hand advisor and gatekeeper to the CEO, something that necessitates maturity, situational sensitivity and humility.

A Chief Of Staff is an executive-level employee, working closely with the CEO to aid in the business’s day-to-day running. The most valued professionals serve as extra eyes and ears, spotting political blind spots, aiding in the formulation and execution of policies, and foreseeing issues that call for diplomatic solutions.

Key COS responsibilities include:

  • Being a sounding board for the CEO and other senior executives
  • Representing the CEO at meetings and events they are unable to attend themselves
  • Assisting executives with their tasks, such as decision-making, project management and business strategies
  • Collaborating with and advising the CEO
  • Assisting in the implementation of strategies
  • Act as a liaison between executives and other relevant parties
  • Assisting human resources with the hiring of new employees and overseeing their onboarding process
  • Identifying goals and objectives

The most sophisticated Chief Of Staff professionals will play a crucial role in assisting a leader to realise significant increases in productivity and influence. They will work independently to improve the efficiency of time, information, and decision-making.

Storm4 is proud to bring together leading Chief Of Staff talent from around the world with revolutionary GreenTech’s to empower a sustainable future.

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