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Lead IoT Engineer

Storm4 has a network of Lead IoT Engineers to work towards a greener future through the development of IoT platforms

Is your GreenTech company looking for a Lead IoT Engineer with architect-level implementation experience? Or are you eager to start your next role as Lead IoT Engineer in a business that shares your passion for sustainability? Storm4 connects top IoT engineering talent and disruptive GreenTech businesses passionate about building a greener and more sustainable future.

These professionals possess a wealth of engineering experience and IoT expertise that will drive business operations.

The Lead IoT Engineer is responsible for overseeing the design and development of an IoT platform, from conception to launch. Additionally, they guide the team of engineers that maintain the infrastructure that makes up the IoT and ensure that the building blocks of IoT systems are operational.

Key Lead IoT Engineer responsibilities include:

  • Lead and oversee the design, development, and build of an IoT platform that will enable analytics and drive business operations
  • Have architect-level implementation experience with the design, implementation, and operation of a full-scale IoT architecture
  • Ensure asset connectivity, data aggregation, normalization, and integration to other technology systems and back-office systems
  • Define the software development life cycle and maintain a reference to IoT Architecture
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders and engineering teams in the business on product design, development, and integration testing
  • Influence and guide a team of Engineers, providing leadership and mentorship to nurture top engineering talent

GreenTech leaders are looking for IoT Engineer professionals that will strive to maintain the technical edge of the company through engineering excellence and leadership, and that are eager to design IoT platforms with sustainability at their core.

Storm4 is proud to connect Lead IoT Engineers with GreenTechs that are accelerating the transition to clean energy and a green future.

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