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Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Storm4 has a network of superior Chief Commercial Officers who strive to promote commercial excellence and build robust relationships with all stakeholders

Are you searching for a Chief Commercial Officer to define and build out your commercial strategy? Or are you looking for your next COO role? Occupying an extensive network of sales professionals in the tech scene, we connect pioneering GreenTech leaders with CCO’s who are integral to driving business growth.   

These C-Suite professionals hold a wealth of commercial experience, being true leaders within their profession.

Making crucial decisions regarding sales, product, marketing and customer service, the Chief Commercial Officer are essential to pushing higher profitability through innovative marketing strategies to generate sales.

Key CCO responsibilities include:

  • Analysing marketing activity and developing sales plans to market product
  • Hiring and managing the commercial sales team, motivating and assessing their performance
  • Developing profit for the company and providing financial and revenue support to the rest of the organization
  • Establishing realistic and achievable goals and implementing marketing strategies to meet them
  • Generating the sales of a company designed to achieve specific sales objectives

GreenTech leaders will be looking for professionals who are well-versed in the commercial side of the business and have strong business acumen to develop and execute strategic initiatives. They are knowledgeable in the technical side of marketing with an extensive commercial background.

Storm4 are proud to have some of the most sought after talent in our network leading the green revolution.

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