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Vice President Of Sales (VP)

Storm4 has a network of experienced Vice President Of Sales professionals who strive to exceed sales goals and business growth.

Are you looking for a Sales expert to take care of the financial health of your GreenTech? Have you built up a respectable reputation to consistently deliver on results as a leader of sales? Storm4 are on a mission to help GreenTech leaders build out their teams with the very best senior sales talent on the market, who encapsulate strategist, mentor, teacher, and manager skills to drive sales and company success.

These professionals hold a wealth of invaluable experience, being integral assets to every GreenTech scale-up.

The VP of Sales are experienced leaders responsible for directing their organization’s sales teams to meet and exceed goals. Working with senior sales professionals, they set out these goals and design the strategies to achieve them that align with the overall business objectives.

Key VP Of Sales responsibilities include:

  • Develop strategies that align with the company’s market, products and sales goals
  • Perform day-to-day management and direction of the sales team
  • Track, analyze and present sales data to senior leadership in correlation to sales goals
  • Work with senior leaders to establish detailed sales plans to meet organizational needs
  • Regularly analyze market trends and competitor activity to structure sales plans and goals
  • Build strong relationships with key clients and actively work to build new ones

This role requires both leadership skills and insight into market trends, and the ability to bring those both together to build out a successful sales force.

Storm4 commend themselves for attracting and connecting the best VP Of Sales leaders with GreenTech’s empowering a sustainable and green future.

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