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Head of Business Development

Storm4 have a portfolio of leading business developers who strive to promote commercial excellence and evolve business intelligence

Are you looking for someone to lead and implement your business development plans? Or are you looking for your next role in GreenTech driving business excellence? Storm4 work diligently to connect global GreenTech leaders with Head Of Development talent who are driven by building strategic partnerships and defining tactical initiatives to grow the business with sustainability at their core.

These professionals hold a wealth of experience, making them invaluable assets to the company’s environmental impact.

The role of the Head of Business Development will primarily focus on coordinating a proactive approach to business development, identifying new and emerging trends and adding value to the existing skills in the team. They will support the future of income generation through a range of activities which deliver on the vision and values of the company.

Key Head Of Business Development responsibilities include:

  • Lead on the development and execution of the business development plan
  • Nurture new and existing relationships and partnerships with key influencers and partner organizations
  • Coordinate bids and proposals to contribute to reactive income generation opportunities
  • Lead the research phase to track emerging trends and opportunities for future development and new products
  • Contribute to the overall strategic development plans as a senior body of staff

GreenTech leaders will be looking for professionals who are confident in project managing and influencers in their field of work. They are driven by data and flexible to the pace of change in the renewables industry.

Storm4 are proud to attain an array of Head Of Business Development professionals driving business growth and the roll out of a green economy.

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