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Marketing Director (MD)

Storm4 has a portfolio of experienced Marketing Directors who strive to promote brand excellence and business value

Are you looking to shape your brand image and build great customer relationships by hiring a Marketing Director? Or you looking for your next role as a marketing leader in a renewables industry? Focusing on growing brand awareness and increasing customer value, Storm4 unite these innovative marketing professionals with pioneering GreenTech companies from across the globe. 

These professionals hold a wealth of marketing experience, being true experts within their profession.

The Marketing Director leads and guides the efforts of the marketing department, being responsible for the company’s marketing and communications strategies, as well as building the overall branding and image. Extensive experience in marketing will enable the Director to shape a revenue-generating department.

Key Marketing Director responsibilities include:

  • Plan and execute a revenue-generating marketing strategy for new and existing products and services that keeps in line with the set marketing budget
  • Develop a brand strategy
  • Measure marketing campaign costs, analysing the effectiveness of campaigns using pre-determined KPIs
  • Form strong relationships with media agencies and secure agreements on promotional materials
  • Work cohesively with the sales team to function effectively
  • Continually track and review market changes, consumer trends, and activities of competitors

GreenTech leaders are looking for professionals with strong project management and people skills, being able to mentor and recruit to continue to build out your team. Wearing many hats, they have a creative flair whilst being data driven.

Storm4 are proud to connect with the best Marketing Directors from across the tech scene to diligently link them with emerging and innovative GreenTech’s on a mission to articulate a sustainable tomorrow.

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