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Lead Mechanical Engineer

Storm4 has a network of experienced Lead Mechanical Engineers who are driving the change towards a green future through engineering excellence

If you are looking for your next Mechanical Engineering Lead, or if you are looking for your next role as Lead Mechanical Engineer, Storm4 connects the best candidates and clients from ground-breaking GreenTech companies who share a genuine passion for innovation to promote a clean and green future.

These professionals possess exceptional technical knowledge and experience to guide and influence a team of engineers as they bring their visionary products to life.

The Lead Mechanical Engineer is a challenging role that requires the professional to drive the development process of cutting-edge products. They are key to analyzing tools and materials’ efficiency to make sure the stability of the products is up to industry standards.

Key Lead Mechanical Engineer responsibilities include:

  • Oversee the product development lifecycle, from the conceptualization to the optimization of production
  • Provide mechanical and technical direction along with engineering expertise to analyze and troubleshoot manufacturing defects
  • Guarantee exceptional engineering practice and integrity, ensuring compliance with legislative requirements and design codes
  • Collaborate closely with product designers, test engineers, manufacturing technicians, amongst other stakeholders that are involved in the product design lifecycle
  • Establish and implement the team’s KPIs while monitoring budgets and resources to meet goals
  • Influence and guide a team of Engineers, providing leadership and mentorship to nurture talent

GreenTech leaders are looking for Mechanical Engineers that share their passion and eagerness to develop products geared around sustainability, and that will maintain the technical edge of the company.

Storm4 is proud to connect outstanding Lead Mechanical Engineers with GreenTech businesses that are accelerating the transition to a greener future.

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